Should I Pop my Pimples?

Should I pop pimples

Almost everyone gets to deal with pimple trouble at some point in their lives. They are the type of blemishes that are impossible to ignore.Very visible, irritating and painful. Should I pop my pimples? Most people ask this. I know it is one of those irresistible things and popping pimples however painful brings a mixture of relief and guilt. So, here is more on whether or not to pop pimples. And if so, what is the right way to pop a pimple without leaving a scar. 

I am guilty of popping, squeezing, picking and pocking pimples during my lifetime. I can’t deny it, it feels quite satisfying grossing out pimples. Anyway…

Should I Pop my Pimples? To Pop or Not To Pop Pimples

When it comes to popping pimples all dermatologist have a single rule, don’t pop your pimples at home. Popping a pimple by yourself may be a recipe for disaster if you don’t know what you are doing. But evidently the urge of popping a pimple is very had to resist, it seems to pull emotions from people; even though you fell the repulsion or horror, there is also a rush and satisfaction after popping.

So to pop or not to pop; the answer is Don’t. You see when squeezing the pimple you might be pushing the bacteria, infection, and pus deeper into your skin, which eventually leads to permanent scarring, scabs, infection, permanent pits on your skin thus instead of making skin better, it’s worsening it.

Reasons why you should Not Pop Pimples

So before deciding to pop your pimple here are reasons dermatologists don’t want you to pop pimples at home:

I.    You May Make Your Pimple Worse

With lots of us being inexperienced in squeezing, popping or picking pimples, a result of the whole process backfiring isn’t entirely impossible. Doing it wrong may not only lead to you not popping the pimple at all but also making it worse than before.

The premature popping of pimples is a mistake people make a lot of times; this eventually will worsen a pimple because of wrong timing or doing it too early.

When you pop a pimple without expertise, you may be introducing new bacteria, dirt, and infection. And also you may be forcing the oil and bacteria further into your skin. Hence, instead of making progress you will be just worsening the situation. Thus your pimple becomes more inflamed, red and infected.

II.    It might cause a tear or scar the skin

Scaring is the most popular effect of popping the pimple yourself, and it is something you want. Scars are difficult to treat, and people who pop their zits like amateurs, are sure likely to get a resulting scar to show it. The harsh nature of popping a pimple by most people leads to an open wound and the skin breaking improperly which later result in bad scars, worse than they should have been.

III.    You might be preventing your body from healing

Interfering with pimples may be preventing proper healing of the skin. The pimples are as a result of your body trying to heal itself or remove something. Thus if you interfere with this process and not letting your body take its natural cause you might have directed the skin to w worse situation which wasn’t necessary.

IV.    It might result in more acne

The squeezing or popping of pimples might result in more pimples and other blemishes even if you are successful. As seen above, the improper popping of a pimple might result in bacteria, debris, and oil going deeper into the skin, which in turns spreads along the skin later own causing more pimples. Popping the pimple the wrong way may spread the spilled glands content sebum, hair, keratin, bacteria, or yeast material on the surrounding skin which results in more acne.

How to Resist the Urge of Popping Pimples

With many people having a habit of popping pimples, and not able to fight the urge of going through their pimple, pop by pop, there has to be a way to resist this nagging urge. By resting this urge of popping your pimples, you will divert and reduce the impulsive tendency of popping your pimples. Here are the best ways to do so:

Keep your hands off your face

It not only helps reduce the urge to pock or squeeze a pimple but also preventing the spread of acne because the acne-causing bacteria on your hand are not in contact with your face. You can do this by keeping your hands busy, warring gloves when necessary, stop pocking popped zits and most importantly limit your face time.

Learn to leave with pimples

The less you obsess about the pimples, the more you will leave them alone. It is okay to have a pimple, having them doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world; they are natural activities of our body. Understanding this helps us cope well with pimples because they can’t be the center of our attention. The best way to learn to leave with to ship your attention elsewhere, cover up with make-up, not to dread insulting comments about our skin, change your lifestyle and try not to fixate or stare on your pimples.

Treat or use soothing products for pimples

Products like this help cool our spots and have a soothing effect which makes a pimple less irritable and painful. Some of these products help a pimple to fade away faster and dry out quickly, hence, losing some of their bump structure and appearing; and as a result, reducing the urge to squeeze.

Home Remedies to Keep your Face Pimple Free

Natural remedies that could help keep your face acne free include; toothpaste, baking soda, or white vinegar. And some skin cleansers benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen peroxide and or antibiotics.

These remedies help to keep your pimple cool, pain-free and free from irritation.  They also help dry out your pimples so you won’t feel the urge to pop them. They also help the zit to fade faster.

How and When to Best Pop a Pimple without Leaving a Scar

Let’s face it; I know while you were reading this article you were still curious about identifying the best and safest test way to pop a pimple. Even if people are told to stop popping their pimple they still do it, with me being guilty of doing this sometimes. So if you are really, really, really determined to pop that pimple, this is the proper and safest way to go about it.

  • First, you must know when it’s ok to pop your pimple. Wait until a pimple forms a firm white head which means that because the infectious pus is near the surface, thus draining the pimple is easy.
  • After determining that a pimple is ripe. Wash your hand using warm water and soap to avoid spreading bacteria on the skin and passing off acne plus blemishes.
  • Sterilize a pin, and then apply or rub alcohol on the pin and also the affected area. This procedure helps prevent worsening of a pimple through infection.
  • Using a mirror, aim the pin on the pimple’s tip and puncture a pimple.
  • Put a cotton dub near the base of a pimple then guide the infectious pus out a pimple by gently squeezing the bottom of a pimple. Avoid using your hand in pressing the zit during the whole process; it might introduce bacteria and worsen the situation.
  • After the pus is all gone, apply a tiny amount of bacitracin ointment or alcohol to the now-deflated blemishes.

After correctly following these instructions and the pimple doesn’t pop, stop squeezing, wait for a full day try the next day. If the same problem occurs, you need to go and visit a dermatologist.

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