Alpha Lipoic Acid for Skin Care, Whitening and Tightening. How Much to Use

Alpha Lipoic Acid for Skin Care
Alpha Lipoic Acid for Skin Care

Alpha lipoic acid is a primary antioxidant that has a number of benefits for the skin. It also has the ability to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells to expose the brighter, tighter and fairer skin below. It is for this reason that it has been used in a number of ways in skin whitening and tightening. Below, learn more on Alpha lipoic acid for skin benefits, how to use and how much to use for skin lightening. Also read through products reviews and possible side effects of using LA for skin.

Alpha Lipoic Acid for Skin

Alpha Lipoic Acid also known as Lipoic Acid (LA) is a powerful antioxidant and a fat and water- soluble making it a universal antioxidant. It also has anti- inflammatory properties that enable it to be the best skin tightening and whitening remedy. Lipoic Acid contains sulphur and helps in restoration of other anti-oxidant such as vitamin C and E.

Alpha Lipoic Acid for Skin Care
Alpha Lipoic Acid for Skin Care

Lipoic Acid is synthesized by the body and produces energy through breaking down carbohydrates. The more the energy is produced by Lipoic Acid the much younger the skin look. Hence eliminating wrinkles and keeping the skin tight and beautiful. Lipoic Acid is also said to prevent age- related illnesses such as diabetes, heart and liver diseases, brain, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, blood vessel disorder and stroke. Lipoic also helps in weight loss. LA helps in removal of dead skin cell from the skin surface, this makes it a good remedy for lightening the skin.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is naturally produced in the body but it can also obtain from foods or supplements. Some fruits and vegetables are rich in Lipoic Acid.

Tomatoes and spinach, broccoli, peas and Brussel sprouts, yams, potatoes, carrots etc. other foods that have Lipoic Acid include. Yeast, fish, chicken, red meat and specific meat organ like heart, kidney and liver.

Studies have shown that Alpha Lipoic Acid penetrates deeper in the skin than any other antioxidant. This is because it is both water and fat soluble hence penetrating even through the fatty layers. It was also found that when Lipoic supplements are taken alongside topical application of Lipoic Acid, it may show a significant effect on the health and beauty.

Alpha Lipoic Acid Skin Benefits

What Does Alpha Lipoic Acid Do for Your Skin? Probably you may be asking yourself this question at the moment but I am going to explain to you how it works and why it is the best remedy that will help you achieve your skin issues.

Being an anti-oxidant Lipoic Acid neutralize free radical that will otherwise tamper with skin balance and damage the body cells. This is made possible because Lipoic is water and fat soluble hence it can get deeper to the skin than other antioxidant can.

Alpha Lipoic Acid for Skin Benefits
Alpha Lipoic Acid for Skin Benefits

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a very powerful anti- aging remedy because of its nature of breaking down carbohydrates to produce energy. The energy produced help keep the skin tighter making it more youthful. Lipoic also tightens pore, eliminates lines and wrinkles from your skin the result is a flawless and rejuvenated skin. Lipoic also reduces scars on the skin making it a good remedy for acne scars and dark spots on the skin.

The anti-inflammatory property that Lipoic possesses enables it to lighten the skin that has darkened as a result of sun tanning your skin. This will give you an even, glowing and beautiful skin tone.

Lipoic Acid due to its ability to reproduce other vitamins which are antioxidant, it increases their ability hence protecting the skin cell.

Lipoic Acid can also minimize the occurrence of skin tags on the skin because it neutralizes the free radicals. Free radicals alter the skin balance hence causing abnormal cells production that in turn comes out as tags on the skin.

How Much Alpha Lipoic Acid to Take for Skin

As everything has a limit of intake, Lipoic Acid is safe and okay if recommended dosage is taken. 50mg dosage of Lipoic Acid is recommended for few days in a week because if higher dosage is taken it may alter heart rhythm among other side effects. If your doctor has advised you to take a high dosage because he/ she is convinced that you need one that is when high dose can be taken.

A higher dosage of Lipoic which is an antioxidant when taken through supplement it may alter the body’s antioxidant nature making it to be imbalanced.

Using Alpha Lipoic Acid for Skin Tightening

Wrinkles may come as a result of aging whereby the deeper layer of skin loosens making the surface skin to sag and form lines/wrinkles. The deeper skin is the one that enhances the outermost skin layer’ to be tight. Lipoic acid will work in handy here because it penetrates deeper than any other vitamin, hence fixing the elasticity issues of the skin.

Alpha Lipoic Acid for Skin Tightening
Alpha Lipoic Acid for Skin Tightening

Aging skin is also caused by reduction of cell division so the skin becomes prone to injuries and skin damage because the skin layer becomes thin. Sagging skin is also contributed by the skin lacking the protective layer of oil as a result of oil-secreting glands shrinking. This makes the skin dry and less glowing Lipoic Acid being an oxidant, it is able to produce energy that will in turn increase the cell division hence protecting the skin from injuries and damage.

Alpha Lipoic Acid for Skin Whitening

Does Alpha Lipoic Acid whiten skin? Darkening of the skin can be caused by many factors but one of the common one sun exposures. Too much exposure to the sun causes sun tanning and sun burns. Other factors include dark spots and scars that came as a result of acne or skin injury. Lipoic Acid being an anti- inflammatory it will neutralize the free radicals to give the skin a lighter an even skin tones. Lipoic Acid also helps to repair damaged tissues therefore reducing or fades the appearance of scars or spots on the skin giving your fair, flawless, beautiful and balanced skin tone.

How to Use Alpha Lipoic Acid for Skin

Lipoic Acid is produced naturally in the body but some time the amount the body synthesizes is not enough to help the body perform some function. Secondly as your age advances Alpha Lipoic Acid production in the body declines, hence the roles played by LA are ignored. Food that have Lipoic Acid are recommended but dietary supplements are more suitable since the food contain very little amount of Lipoic Acid.

Topical application of Lipoic Acid on the skin will show a positive significant improvement of the skin. This is because when it is topically applied it penetrates deeper than any water soluble in the skin because it is fat and water soluble therefore dealing directly with the skin. It decreases the appearance of the wounds, scars, spots and tightening of the pore giving your skin a glowing and polished look. When Lipoic acid is applied topically through creams, cleansers, toners and lotion, you are advised to take dietary supplements alongside them. This will ensure that you get best and fasts results because Lipoic is beneficial in the inside and outside of the body.

Apart from Lipoic Acid supplements are available in capsule, powder and liquid form. When are considering using it, you should first seek your doctor/dermatologist’ advice to know which form suits your condition or ailment and the dosage that you should also take. Capsules are mostly suitable for vegetarians.

Women who are breastfeeding or pregnant are advised not to consider using Lipoic acid. Those who are diabetic or undergoing chemotherapy should seek advice from their doctors first before using Lipoic Acid supplements

Side Effects of Using Alpha Lipoic Acid on Skin

It is not yet clear if Lipoic Acid causes long term side effects yet. Studies have shown that Lipoic Acid is absorbed best on an empty stomach, this may cause irritation in the stomach. But sometimes you are advised to take them with meals if more irritation is felt.

Pregnant women and those breastfeeding are not advised to take any Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements because studies have not yet shown if there is any side effect. So to be safe you are advised not to use it.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is not supposed to be taken in very high dose, since high doses may cause heart rhythm problem, it can lower blood sugar, insomnia, fatigue, stomach upset and nausea. It can also cause allergic reaction, numbness, headache and sweating. Those with blood sugar should regularly monitor their blood sugar level so as to avoid serious problems.

Excessive intake of alcohol reduces vitamin B1 also known as thiamine, if Lipoic Acid is taken when it is less it may cause a serious health condition. Therefore when there is shortage of thiamine in the body and you need to take Alpha Lipoic, you should take thiamine supplement alongside it.

Sometimes skin rash may occur for some people who are taking Alpha Lipoic Acid by mouth because of an allergic reaction.

For sensitive skin, Lipoic acid may cause a burning sensation on the skin or irritation. If this effect is noted leave it at once and consult your dermatologist. Or you can consult your doctor first before using it. For oily skin type studies have not yet show its effect, but for all the skin type consult a physician first before using any Alpha Lipoic product. If more than the required amount taken it may cause skin burning.

Alpha Lipoic Acid Skin Care Products and Reviews

To this point we have seen how Lipoic Acid is very beneficial to our skin and health and we have seen how we can use it so as to achieve beautiful skin. This is because it is the best product that will ensure that you skin is wrinkle free, lighter, glowing and very beautiful. It will also ensure that you are health because it helps in the cure of many ailments.

Alpha Lipoic Acid comes in form of supplement such as Capsule, liquid form and also comes in form of creams, lotions ,moisturizer, toner, serums among others These supplements are best when they are taken alongside topical application of lipoic acid on the skin.

Apart from using Alpha Lipoic Acid as a remedy or solution you should be able to take care of your skin through diet, exercise and lifestyle. This will ensure your skin looks younger for longer and healthy. Cosmetics that contain harsh chemicals shouldn’t be used, above all drink a lot of water to keep your skin moisturized and glowing.

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