Beeswax for Skin

Beeswax for Skin

Using beeswax for skin offers a variety of benefits for skin care. It helps to moisturizing and helps to lock in moisture. Here is more on the benefits and how to use beeswax for skin. 

Most people know about honey and its natural beneficial qualities on human skin. Bees not only do bees produce one profitable product “honey” it is also are very much the producers of beeswax; which as it turns out is very beneficial to human skin.

As a natural, nontoxic byproduct, beeswax has aromatic, dermatological and therapeutic properties that make it excellent for skin care, hair care, and health care. It can stop skin and hair irritation; it also has antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Beeswax for Skin
Beeswax for Skin

The factors above make beeswax a very common ingredient in most shampoos, conditioners, hand creams or moisturizers and with its variety of ingredients, is excellent for skin, health, and hair. However, in this article, my focus of attention will be about Beeswax for skin.

What is Beeswax?

Beeswax is a substance produced by worker bees to make honeycomb “six-sided cells filled with honey” for storing honey. It consists mostly of over 284 different compounds, a variety of acids, alkanes, esters, polyesters, etc. Secreted from the eight wax glands which are under the bee’s abdomen, this wax contains organic ingredients like palmitoleate, oleate, hydroxy palmitate, palmitate, etc. which come as a result of the bee’s various and natural means of nectar collection i.e. from several plant wax and pollen collected.

The harvested beeswax is melted and strained or filtered to remove impurities such as bee parts, honey, and other impurities. It’s mostly yellowish or goodish in color depending on the type of plant or flower nectar was collected from. Original organic beeswax is a little brittle and hard when directly applied on your skin. However, it can be mixed with other things or refined to make a variety of stuff from skincare products to lip balm.

Benefits of Beeswax for Skin

Each benefit that beeswax has for skin comes as a result of some of its properties and natural ingredients.

Here are the advantages of Beeswax on skin:

Vitamin A

Beeswax is rich in vitamins including vitamin A, which helps in exfoliation, improves skin hydration and reconstruction/regeneration of skin cells living your skin rejuvenated and well taken care of.


The humectant is the ability to attract, preserve or retain water/moisture. Beeswax has ingredients that help attract water molecules to your skin, hence keeping your skin hydrated, moisturized and healthy over time.


It has mild antibacterial properties, which inhibit the growth of fungus and bacteria, also preventing some bacterial and fungal infection. It benefits the skin a lot by helping it fight contamination and in cleaning the skin, leaving it healthy and natural. In most products that help a lot with bacterial situations, e.g., a combination of beeswax with olive oil and honey.

Anti- inflammatory and Pain reliever

Beeswax has anti-inflammatory properties that assist in preventing damage and irritation to the skin; the features also help restore the skin to its normal condition leaving your skin in a better state and relieve you of pain which comes from swelling and skin irritation.

Protecting the Skin

It forms a film of protective barriers on the skin surface, which keeps out toxins, protects the skin from irritation and other environmental attacks but still allows the human skin to breathe. The same cannot be said for petroleum jelly which clog pores hence suffocating the skin, a reason why it’s great as a lip balm ingredient.

Skin healer

It has the potential of healing sores caused during chemotherapy and also can be mixed with olive oil, and honey to treat special conditions like hemorrhoids and also reduces bleeding, pain, and itching caused by hemorrhoids.  Other ailments the mixture can be used to treat are eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis thus making it a hypoallergenic.

Soothes itching

Because it’s an anti-allergenic, it can benefit people with reactive or sensitive skin; this is by soothing itching dry skin and reducing the skins sensitiveness.

Uses of Beeswax for Skin

Due to the significant benefits of beeswax, there are several ways beeswax can be utilized.

Use as a Skin Softener and Moisturizer

Skin care products with beeswax provide a lot of advantages to dry rough skin; products like lotions, creams or soaps that contain beeswax act as a humectant and emollient sealing the human skin thus hydrating and softening the dry cells.

Used in production of baby care products

It can assist in healing babies with diaper rash by providing protection of the baby’s skin and also employing some of its healing properties on the baby’s skin.

To reduce stretch marks

Beeswax mixed with apricot, kernel oil, vitamin E oil and cocoa butter make a supernormal remedy that prevents and reduces stretch marks.

Used to Clear Acne

With a great healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, beeswax remedies are effective in treating acne. The advantage is brought on by the presence of vitamin A, which helps a lot in treating and preventing acne.

Natural Neosporin Alternative

Because of its healing properties, beeswax can be used to treat poison ivy, bruises, stings, and other mild injuries on your skin.

  • Can be utilized as pain, inflammation and itch relief
  • Can be used to soften calluses on your feet. Soothe, repair cracked heels and hands.
  • Because of its moisturizing and skin protective qualities, if produced well, beeswax can be used as a lip balm, for moisturizing, protecting and healing your dry, cracked lips keeping them healthy and looking good.
  • Beeswax can also be used reduce ringworms and jock itch

Other benefits

  • Beeswax is also used to treat various skin problems such as psoriais, dermatitis and eczema.
  • To relieve hemorrhoids symptoms such as bleeding, itching and edema.

Remedies of Beeswax for Skin

Several solutions can be applied to suit certain skin needs that Beeswax will take time to achieve on its own. These mixtures involve other organic natural substances like Aloe Vera, milk, olive oil, sandalwood, etc. and later bring about quicker better results and would be easier and cheaper for a person to make at home.

The following homemade remedies help soften, repair and protect your skin adding both beauty and health to it.

How to Use Beeswax for Skin

Here are some of the best-known skin remedies for beeswax:

Beeswax Moisturizer


  • One spoon of beeswax
  • ½ extra virgin olive oil
  • Two capsules of crushed vitamin E capsules
  • Two spoons full of coconut oil


  1. Mix all ingredients except vitamin E capsules in a pan while it’s being heated slowly, this is until it melts.
  2. Add the crushed vitamin E capsules in the pan
  3. After that, you can let it cool, store in a container and put in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

The end product can be used for two months and is used as a moisturizer.

Beeswax Anti-itch Remedy


  • Two ounces of beeswax
  • One tablespoon of Comfrey powder
  • One pint of olive oil
  • One tablespoon of chickweed powder


  1. Mix the olive oil, comfrey powder and chickweed powder into a pan. Put it on heat and let it simmer for about 2½ to 3 minutes.
  2. After the 2½ to 3 minutes of simmering strain the mixture and add the beeswax. Let it cool
  3. Store in a container and put in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

This remedy can be used as an itch reliever and is exceptionally good for both poison oak and poison ivy problems.

Beeswax Hand Cream


  • A cup of water
  • Two ounces of beeswax
  • A cup of almond oil


  1. Heat the wax and oil till they both melt
  2. Separately heat the water to a warm state
  3. Mix the two while both are warm. This is effective when you use a blender instead of stirring by hand. Mixing this mixture by hand is difficult. Just put the water in the blender first then pour the beeswax-oil mixture
  4. Wait for it to cool then pour and scoop the remainder from the blender into a container and store put in a cool, dry place with room temperature.

The remedy is for hand cream and if you need to better the scent of the cream “final product” you can add ten drops of essential oil.

Beeswax Moisturizing Skin Cream


  • Half cup organic aloe Vera gel
  • 1/16 cup beeswax pastilles
  • A quarter cup organic sweet almond oil
  • 1/16 cup organic coconut oil
  • A quarter cup organic olive oil
  • A cup organic hydrosol
  • A quarter cup organic grape seed oil
  • A quarter teaspoon vitamin E oil
  • 10- 15 drops of Essential oil

Beeswax Skin Cream Recipe     

  1. Heat the beeswax till it melts
  2. Mix the oils together and warm the mixture.
  3. Also mix the aloe Vera gel and organic hydrosol together gently and warm it up too
  4. Take all three combinations then blend them together while they are still warm
  5. After mixing wait for it to cool then pour and scoop the remainder from the blender into a container and store put in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

This cream is most suitable for dry skin and as a face moisturizing.



  • Two oz. of water
  • One oz. of beeswax
  • Ten drops of vitamin E oil
  • Four oz. of almond oil
  • Ten drops of essential oil


  1. Melt the beeswax and oil together till both melt
  2. After melting remove from heat add water and stir
  3. Insert the essential oil and vitamin E. Also stir thoroughly.
  4. After that, you can let it cool, store in a container and put in a cool, dry place at room temperature

This product is moisturizing and emollient which promotes healthy and radiant looking skin

It’s important to know the melting point of wax which ranges between 62 °C to 64 °C and avoid melting using a microwave to be safe because it can cause a fire when it’s sweltering.

Where Can I Buy Beeswax?

You can buy beeswax products easily online or organic product related store. Remember that some products have mixtures of other chemicals that can be harmful to your skin or not good for your skin complexion so first look at the product’s ingredients. You can also buy the products from your local beekeeper it’s very helpful to assist the beekeepers especially with the drastic drop in bee population in the world

Side Effects of using Beeswax for Skin

There is only the one side effect that can come from using beeswax on your skin, and that is if you are allergic to honey and bee related products. It’s a very rare form of allergy but still, can happens, so if you think you are allergic to bee related products first visit a doctor before using the beeswax products.

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  1. I have recently bought a sun screen consisting of beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter,
    and zinc oxide. I like the beeswax in this, as unlike many other types of sunscreen,
    the slightly stiff consistency of the wax does not run into my eyes, nor does it sting.

    After face cleaning, I found there was a fine film of wax and my very dry skin felt soft and comfortable. I already use aloe vera for face and hair. I hope the honey will not make it my face sticky.

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