How to Stop Chafing Thighs after Swimming, During Pregnancy, from Walking and Running

Thigh chafing can be very painful
Thigh chafing can be very painful and cause small bumps and lumps

What causes chafing thighs? Are there ways to stop and heal chafing between thighs? During the summer the thighs become vulnerable to self-induced friction. This burns the skin on the inner thighs leaving it raw, red and painful. While thigh chafing can occur anywhere on your body, the thighs, groins, under breasts and underarms are most affected. This is especially common in those people are overweight and love to exercise or walk for long distances. Below is more on thigh chafing and how to keep thighs from rubbing against skin or clothing with simple at home remedies.

Chafing Thighs Definition

What is the meaning of thigh chafing? This is the irritation caused by rubbing together or friction that causes the skin to wear away and become sore. It is a common problem with people who exercise and those dealing with weight due to constant friction in the area. Chafing can be very uncomfortable leaving the skin damaged with a burning or stinging feeling. If not prevented or stopped, chafing can with time damage the skin making it susceptible to skin infections. There may also be broken skin and bleeding.

What Are the Causes of Thigh Chafing?

Chafing in between the thighs can be very annoying and painful. To effectively prevent and stop this problem, you need to know what causes it. Understanding chafing thighs causes will enable you to stay comfortable and be able to prevent skin irritation before it begins.

It is important to note that, skin injury due to friction gets worse with heat, force, wetness, and excessive dryness and sweating. Skin injury may range from a rash, burning sensation, painful blisters and raw skin. The worst being broken skin and bleeding making the skin open to secondary infections.

Too Loose or Too Tight Clothing

Ill-fitting clothes can rub against the thighs as you move about causing friction and skin irritation. Ensure that your clothing is not made from coarse or rough fabric that can cause irritation in the thigh area.


Why does sweating cause thigh chafing when it cools off the body? Sweating brings salts and other minerals to the surface creating a gritty sandpaper condition that grinds on the skin. Here are some other common causes of thigh chafing:

  • Long distance running or cycling
  • Fabrics that do not absorb moisture
  • Sensitive skin
  • Constant movements like running
  • Hot weather
  • Excessive body weight
  • Moisture from sweat and sports such as swimming
  • Salt residue from sweating or ocean water

How to Prevent Chafing Thighs

Prevention as the best cure is the key in managing thigh chafing. To keep away from chafing and skin damage, you do not have to stop doing the things you love. Simply try to create a barrier or line of defense between your skin and whatever it is that causes the friction. Make this part of your prep before engaging in the activities that predispose you to thigh chafing.

Reduce your Weight

While it’s not always the case, excess weight in the thigh areas can cause skin to rub together. Measures can be taken to reduce the skin to skin contact and the friction which causes chafing. Ultimately, try to lose the excess fat on or between the thighs. Note that it is also possible to have thighs getting into contact with each other even when you are not overweight- not everyone has a thigh gap remember. Here are things you can do to help prevent thigh rubbing and friction that causes chafing


Anti Chafing bandelettes
Anti Chafing bandelettes

These are attractive anti-chafing thigh bands that help prevent the skin to skin rubbing between thighs. You simply slip them up as high as you want them to be. They are held in place by silicone stay up bands that prevent them from falling. For those who are not lace lovers, you can go for solid and bold colored bandelettes that work in the same way.

Undergarment Shorts/ Undersummers

These can be worn comfortably under skirts and dresses. They keep your thighs rub free and also serve as shapewear. Undersummers are slips and shorts designed to keep your thighs rub free. They are stretchy and come in different styles and colors. They are so comfortable that you’d forget you are wearing them.

Keep your Thighs Dry using Talcum Baby Powder

Moisture is one of the common causes of skin chafing. It breaks the top layer of the skin allowing for irritation and pain. Baby powder protects your skin from the effects of sweating. Simply dust a layer of baby powder before you start your day. You can use similar products such as Anti-Monkey Butt Powder with calamine to help absorb sweat and prevent friction.

Lubricate the Area

If your thighs rub for whatever reason, the skin could get irritated and damaged over time. You can however prevent this by applying balm or any suitable lubricant to especially for rubbers and bikers.  You can simply use Vaseline or products such as Body Glide. Thoroughly clean the area before applying lubricant. Choose a lubricant that is long lasting, non- staining and hypoallergenic.

Keep Hydrated

Drink plenty of fluids to aid in sweating and prevent salts from depositing on the skin surface. Water also prevent excessive dryness of the skin which can cause friction.

Dress Appropriately

Wear proper fitting clothes especially when exercising. Wear clothes made of moisture wicking materials such as synthetic fibers. Anti-thigh chafing compression shorts like those worn by cyclists may help reduce thigh friction. Do not wear cotton clothes when exercising- they trap moisture irritate the skin even more. Dress minimally in hot weather choosing clothes with smooth seams to avoid rubbing against the skin.

Chafing Thighs Treatment

Thigh chafing should be treated promptly without ignoring any symptom. From the discussion above, you must already know what things make you vulnerable or susceptible to thigh chafing. Here is how to treat chafing between thighs

  1. Gently clean the chafed skin between thighs with water and dry it thoroughly. Use mild soap or cleanser to avoid further irritation of the skin.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly or any other suitable lubricant to soothe the area and prevent further damage
  3. If the area is crusted or bleeding, consult a health care provider so that he can recommend a suitable ointment

It is very important to allow the chafed skin time to heal before resuming activities that may have triggered the problem. Repeated friction will only cause more harm. If there are signs of an infection, you may need antibiotic treatment from your doctor

How to Stop Chafing Thighs from Running

Runners experience chafing on the inner thighs, groin area between thighs and balls, nipples and armpits. These are the common sites that experience friction while running. This is mostly due to extra weight or muscle around the thigh and groin region or wearing ill-fitting sports clothing that do not allow proper movement and absorption of moisture. To prevent and help running chafing thighs

  1. Wear clothes that allow good movement while absorbing the extra moisture and allowing your skin to breath. Sports clothes should be made of material such as spandex and polyester
  2. Wear compression shorts under your running shorts to minimize the friction
  3. Apply baby powder or cornstarch to your inner thighs before you start running. This prevent irritation and also serves to soothe the pain and discomfort of chafed skin
  4. Drink lots of water to keep your body sweating. Once your body stops sweating, sweat crystals deposit on the skin increasing friction
  5. Use chafing lubricants or creams to prevent thigh friction. You can use petroleum jelly or one of the many anti chafing creams available for runners. Look out for lubricants that do not stain clothes
  6. Alternatively, you can cover the vulnerable skin or chafed spot with a bandage to prevent further skin damage

How to Soothe Chafed Inner Thighs with Home Remedies

While you can use preventive measures to avoid thigh chafing, it may not always work. Home remedies for chaffed thighs will help in situations where chafing is inevitable. They soothe the skin incases of excessive dryness. Here is what to do to soothe irritated skin and offer relief from friction.

  • Coconut oil/ Almond Oil/ Lavender Oil
  • Calendula oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin E cream
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Baby oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Cold compress

Alternatively, you can use herbs such as turmeric and Margosa leaves to soothe the affected skin. Green tea and calendula flowers can also be used for the same reasons. They aid and in effective and faster healing of the skin. Try a relaxing soak of lavender oil and baking soda to relax and soothe the irritated skin.

Chafing Thigh Bumps, Rash and Marks

Early signs of thigh chafing may be as small as rashes to as big and serious as big red bumps that are painful. Friction causes ugly painful red bumps or blisters to pop up which may make it even more difficult to walk around. Protection of the skin by providing an extra layer of preventive skin is key in getting rid of the small blisters due to chub rub.

Three step regimen to prevent chafing thighs bumps by

  1. Moisturize your skin with coconut oil when you get out of the shower to provide a layer of protective skin.
  2. Follow this up with an application of Shea butter just before application of anti-chafing products.
  3. Lastly, apply a layer of anti-chafing product such as Monistats Powder Gel or Gold Bond Friction Defense. Re-apply as needed throughout the day whether at work or at the beach.

Remedy for Chafing Thighs Marks, Scars and Skin Discoloration

It is common to find women with a fairer skin complexion having dark skin on their inner thighs. Dry skin and constant skin to skin rubbing are major causes of thigh darkening. It may start as simple scar marks to large areas of skin discoloration that may need some lightening.

Some of these remedies have skin lightening properties that will help get rid of dark skin and spots on the thighs. Others have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that help soothe the skin and get rid rash and itching. Home remedies to get rid of dark inner thighs due to chafing include:

  • Turmeric
  • Sandalwood
  • Aloe vera
  • Manuka tea tree oil

You can also look out for creams and lotions with these ingredients.

Groin Chafing in Men

Chafing is not only a problem for women with big thighs. Chafing thighs is a huge problem especially for men too. Those who love jogging, bodybuilding, hiking, marathon runners and those who work outdoors in hot weather. Men know too well how painful chafing between thighs can be. Problem areas for men are underarms, nipples and the area between thighs including the scrotum.

Men are even more vulnerable since they sweat a lot in the groin region. Continuous friction causes the skin to be irritated and red. This may cause blistering or bleeding. It may be even more difficult to treat thigh chafing once rash and itching set in since, it is almost impossible to keep the skin from touching for a while to allow for healing.

Chafing thighs in men can be effectively prevented by wearing compression shorts made with sweat wicking fabric. Nike makes underwear for chafing thighs that allows for ventilation of vulnerable areas (butt, inner thighs and testicles). It can be worn under workout shorts and other clothes in place of cotton underwear.

According to, it is advisable to avoid wet situations at all costs. Change moist clothes as soon as possible. You should always apply suitable lubricant or powder before exercising.


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