Back Hair Removal: How to Remove Back Hair Permanently, Tools, Shaver

Back Hair Removal
Back Hair Removal

Hair removal was considered to be a women’s thing a little while ago, but men seem to have caught up with this trend; this includes mostly models, bodybuilder, cyclist, or swimmer. And although men seem to be ok with chest and pubic hair, hair in men’s back is taken negatively; it indeed isn’t considered appealing at all, by both genders. So, today we talk a lot more about back hair removal.

Lots of people think only men get hair on their back, but some women also get hair on their back; although very mild and sometimes rarely visible (women ratio of getting back hair is at a lower rate than that of men). The harsh truth is that back hair it’s a reality everyone gender has to deal with but mostly men.

Even though there are many ways of getting rid of hair from the human body, back hair is a different story. It has a vast surface area; it’s hard to do it yourself and sometimes considered most challenging hair growth; Before we get to hair removal, temporary or permanent removal by use of shavers, laser, cream or waxing lets first look at causes of back hair, etc.

Causes of Back Hair

There are several known causes of hair on your back, the most common being genetics; inheritance from parents. Here are the causes of back hair:

  • Genetics- If it’s in the DNA of the parents, the same genes can be transferred to the child.
  • Hirsutism– It’s a female growth disorder which leads to their hair to grow just like the males; she will have much hair on the neck, chest, lower abdomen, beard, mustache or back hair
  • Hypertrichosis- a rare case where there is an excessive growth of hair in unusual places and longer than the usual hair.

Females are lucky that back hair growth is scarce in them but for men back hair a bit more and common.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Back Hair

There are several ways to get rid of back hair; they are divided into two categories which include permanent and temporary removal of back hair.

Temporary ways of Removing back- yourself

For temporary means, there are both ways of dealing with Back hair at home and also going to professionals who deal with the waxing of back hair or laser.

For a long time getting the hair out of your back by yourself was quite impossible. However, there have been several back shaving products that have been developed to help people groom their own back without the assistance of anyone. These products can be found on Amazon or spas that offer tools for sharing hair.

The products have extended handle that makes it easier for the users to reach his/ her back with ease and comfort for a shave of the whole back hair.

How to shave your back by yourself

  • The first step is to prep your back this will ensure smooth shaving and reduce the risk of ingrown hair. So first take a shower or wrap a warm towel on your back and wait for a few minutes; this will help open the pores
  • Apply shaving cream on your back with the help of a shaving brush.
  • Take a mirror and use it at an angle so that you can be able to view your return correctly without twisting or turning your head much.
  • When shaving you will need to lower your back and work from mid-back going towards your shoulder then lower-back towards the mid-back. All this is possible because the hair shaving arm is adjustable. It will take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the intensity of hair growth, skill and technique you use.

 Here are favorite back hairs shavers are:

  • BaKblade’s “BIGMOUTH COST IS $27.95
  • MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back shaver COST IS $29.95
  • BaKblade 2.0 Elite DIY Back & Body Shaver COST IS $34.95
  • Razorba Back Hair Shaver COST IS $27.95

After all, this takes a shower, pat it dry with a towel and you will be all good to go.

Temporary ways of Removing back hair with a helper

The second way is to use assistant from a friend who will shave or wax the hair off your back at home while using tools necessary or natural means.  It’s easier to cut with a helper than on your own, and he will move the shaving tool easier and hit spots that you might not be able to see or notice by yourself.

How to get rid back hair with help

  • Preparation of your back will be same as on “How to shave your back yourself.”
  • Your assistant should move the shaving blade gently on your back from top to bottom
  • For proper shaving make sure the assistant use a multiple blade razor, shave near a sink for easier cleaning of tools used and the shaving should be done in the direction not against “towards which the hair grow” the grains to avoid ingrown hairs.
  • After all, this takes a shower, pat it dry with a towel and you will be all good to go.

Although, blades are most recommended some people like using the electric shavers, claiming it’s quite versatile and faster to use. But, the person who uses it should have knowledge and skill of how which isn’t a lot of people just maybe barbers. One favorite is the Mangroomer Do It Yourself, Electric Shaver.

Back hair removal cream/ Depilatory Creams

With the use of a helper, this depilatory creams that have chemicals eat up hair follicle thus making them loosen. This follicle is just above the skin surface which makes it easy to wipe of eating up hair away.  The product is easy to use at home and the best instruction on how long, amount and where the cream should stay in your skin before removal is stated on the Depilatory cream package.

When to avoid using depilatory cream

  • If you have any wounds, blister or cuts on your back, avoid the Depilatory cream
  • If you have sensitive skin avoid the cream

Ways to use most of the depilatory cream

  • Use a helper to spread the scream on your back
  • Wait five minutes “depends on the brand of cream you will be using”
  • Wipe the hair off your back with a warm wet washcloth.

Some of the best depilatory cream

  • Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream
  • Nair Men Shower Power Hair Remover
  • Revitols Hair Removal Cream

The cost will be $10- $25 with a home kit and $30-$50 when done in a spa treatment; the effects will last for almost a week.

The downside that you can get skin irritation, there is still a risk of ingrown hair plus they sometimes have a strange bad odor. So if you have any type burning, redness, itching or blister reaction to the cream, wipe it off immediately and avoid using it. For surface use, I suggest you use a small amount of the cream on a visible area before having it applied on your skin.

Back Waxing

Waxing can be done at home, but its best done by professional at home or salon. It’s a semi-permanent hair removal option which as now is most commonly talked about and featured in articles, beauty magazines, and blogs.

It involves removal of a hair from the root, by application of the molten wax on the hairy area before reaping it off in the opposite direction which pulls off the root.

Waxing is most common because it yields results that last longer than other temporary forms of hair removal “4-6 weeks.” It also helps reduce hair growth on the frequently used over and over again.

The downside is that Waxing is painful; mostly if you have longer hair thus you need to be prepared well when undergoing the procedure and also ingrown hairs may appear

How it’s done.

  • Nowadays gooey, sticky and honey-based waxes aren’t used anymore, a more developed soy wax with an additional application of a creamy lotion which is applied to the skin but only adheres to the hair.
  • When these products are applied on the back into a one layer cloth like you will then wait for the mixture to first dry, and after a few minutes, it will be removed by reaping off in the opposite direction thus removing the back hair.

Sometimes hair removal can lead to rashes or blemishes appearing after waxing, depilation or shaving thus using anti-bacterial tea oil will be a perfect way to prevent this from happening.

Temporary Removal of hair at home is more straightforward, easy to do, and a cost-efficient way of getting rid of hair. Instead of going to Spa for an appointment which will cost more money than at home.

Permanent Ways to Remove Back Hair

Grooming the hair growing on your back isn’t easy, that’s why some people just prefer doing a permanent removal to safe time, avoid, pain or repletion of removing hair when it grows back, but it may require referral session for a complete permanent hair removal.

Here are the permanent ways of removing hair from your back:

Laser back hair removal

Laser removal of hair is considered as the best way for firm removal of back hair or any other part of the body; the downside is that it’s costly. The procedure isn’t painful, its precise, fast, doesn’t result in skin irritation or bumps, the results are predictable, and with a few secessions, your back hair will permanently be removed.

What happens?

The laser equipment beams highly concentrated controlled laser ray into the hair root (follicles). The pigment in the hair root absorbs the light, and as a result, it destroys the hair. So it’s not utterly permanent with one session a reason why it’s to be repeated severally.

Cost- The price range of the procedure is about 500-1500 with the average value being 800.

Time took -It takes about 30 minutes to an hour for one back session, and it will take about four to eight session of laser procedure for complete hair removal.

There several things to consider, first it’s good to check for the spa reviews, testimonial, and expertise available thus consulting a clinic before visiting for hair removal. Secondly, for a faster permanent result, you can first get your back waxed then get a laser treatment and lastly side effects are a rare occurrence, but there is still a temporary appearance of redness, swelling for a short time and a bit sensitivity of the skin.

Electrolysis back hair removal

Although electrolysis is slow and expensive and its some practitioners consider electrolysis as the best for permanent hair removal; it all depends on your choice or the practitioners.

What happens?

A credited practitioner inserts an ultra-slim needle into the hair shaft. The small shock from the inserted needle destroys cells that make hair; this means that the growth center of hair is ruined and ones a cell is damaged it doesn’t grow back. For complete permanent hair removal follow up sessions are needed.

Treatment will cost about $40-$80 per session and will be on weekly session basis lasting for a year; thus before the hair is removed permanently to stop hair growth on your back. The treatment is short and would last up to 20 minutes, but because your back is a large area it will take longer than it usually takes to do the ear, mustache, neck, or nose, etc. because the electrolysis process works best when done on a small area to start.

Back Hair Removal


WaxingLess time-consumingSpa treatment = $50-$80Needs a professional
Medium-term lasting Likely to cost a lot
Hair Removal CreamQuick and EasyWith home kit = $10- $25
Spa treatment = $30-$50
Needs two people
Not painfulLasts for a Short Time regarding effect
Easily done at HomeLong-term effects in term of hair spread and thickness
ShavingQuick and EasyUnder $40 this is for shaving plus additional blades and shaving creams Needs two people unless you are  shaving your back yourself using personal back hair shaver
Not painfulLong-term effects in term of hair spread and thickness
Easily done at HomeLasts for a Short Time in terms of effect
Hair Removal Laser PermanentRanges from = $500-$1500
Average cost = $800
Very effectiveTime consuming
  Needs a professional
ElectrolysisPermanent $40-$100 per session every week
for a year
Very effectiveTime consuming
 Needs a professional


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