How to Reduce Pimple Swelling, Shrink Pimples Fast, Naturally, Overnight

How to Reduce Pimple Swelling
How to Reduce Pimple Swelling

There are different ways on how to reduce pimple swelling. These help to reduce inflammation and get rid of redness. It makes the swelling especially those from cystic acne less noticeable and dries them up over time. Here is more.

Pimples involuntarily appear on the skin surface. They appear as lesions that have a red base with white or yellow pus-filled tops due to inflammation.Inflamed pimples include papules which are pinkish in color, pustules that are large and contain pus and cysts that are big and lumpy.

Pimple Swelling on Face
Pimple Swelling on Face

Pimples appear on the ears, lips, nose, mouth, forehead, ear, eyelid, tongue and butt.

Causes of Pimple Swelling

When there is blockage of the skin pores due to excess sebum production, dead skin, and dirt, pimples occur.

The swelling which follows thereafter occurs due to the body’s response. The skin tries to self-heal by producing white blood cells which are meant to act on the pimple invasion. If blocked by clogged pores, the surrounding areas are affected leading to their inflammation.

Due to the blockage, the immune system is triggered and produces activation of bradykinin and neutrophils enzymes. These enzymes flow through the blood vessels and in the process make the vessels very absorbent. This causes a burst of the pores leading to leakage of plasma proteins and fluids to the tissues causing swelling.

Due to the invasion, the body tries to pump excess oxygen to rejuvenate the dead cells that have blocked the pores. This means that the blood vessels are forced to expand to allow for the increased blood flow and transfer the white blood cells. This rapid expansion causes selling around the pimple area.  

Bacteria and the presence of excess nitric oxide. In the presence of clogged pores, bacteria is attracted and the enzymes and reaction that take place cause an inflammation of the surrounding tissues.

How to Shrink a Pimple, Fast

Though a natural occurrence, there are other   methods that can be used to reduce a pimple swelling for longer that include:

Identifying the correct skin type and using the correct cleanser at least twice daily to prevent the buildup of dead skin right cleanser which will be used at least twice daily. It should be accompanied by the use of noncomedogenic moisturizer to prevent the formation of blackheads and whiteheads, a non-inflammatory form of a pimple.

Hydrocortisone cream

The sudden vasodilation of blood vessels in the presence of pimples can cause serious swelling. The introduction of low steroids helps to gradually shrink blood vessels, eliminating pimples and reducing the swelling.


This is an enzyme present in silkworms that help to disintegrate high levels of proteins that are produced when skin cells rupture during pimple formation. This helps to reduce pimple swelling. It also unclogs pores preventing the formation of pimples.

Proper hydration to allow for cell rejuvenation allowing for the speedy production of white blood cells to deal with pimples before they swell.

Calamine lotion

Contains zinc oxide that helps to reduce inflammation. It also tightens skin pores by drawing out excess oils due to its astringent properties. Calamine lotion also contains ferric oxide which helps to soothe skin and reduce swelling. It should be dabbed on the pimple overnight and rinsed out

Benzoyl peroxide ointment.

This works by releasing its extra oxygen which combines with the anaerobic bacteria and destroys it. In the process, it declutters the pores and soothes the skin reducing the swelling of pimples. It can also be used for the treatment of papules which are caused by excess oil and bacteria content.

Use of products that contain sulfur and salicylic acid which is present in aspirin. It works by drying out a pimple thus reducing the swelling

Recipe: Crush aspirin into dust and mix with water to a paste. Apply on the pimple and leave it for a few hours and wash with warm water. Can be used overnight.


This is an ointment that contains bacteria-killing antibiotics such as neomycin, polymyxin B, and bacitracin. However, these have been associated with allergic reactions.

How to Shrink a Pimple Naturally

Clay masks

Clay is a naturally occurring product that has great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  When combined with water to form a paste. Its application and subsequent drying out has great benefits to the skin.

Clay Mask to Reduce Pimple Swelling and redness.
Clay Mask to Reduce Pimple Swelling and redness.

Pimples occur when there are clogged pores caused by excess sebum, dirt, toxins and dead skin cells. Clay masks exists as negatively charged ions that are able to attach to the toxins and eliminate them from the skin.

When the body is under toxin attack, the immune system is forced to release white blood cells that may be clogged at the pores causing the formation of pus.  Clay masks have the ability to remove this pus as it draws the moisture from all dead cells and brings them to the surface for elimination.

Excess oil production has been associated with the development of pimples which appear inflamed. Once dry clay masks regulate oil production and are able to eliminate the excess oil from the surface of the skin unclogging pores. Bentonite and rhassoul clay masks are very effective.

Inflammation is exacerbated by the activation of P. acnes that are anaerobic in nature. Due to its antibacterial nature, clay masks destroy bad bacteria. It works by attaching to the bad bacteria, drawing out all the hydrogen present and introducing oxygen which boosts cell regeneration. Given that the bacteria cannot survive in oxygen presence it dies.

Inflammation occurs when there is a rupture of the skin cells leading to fluid leakage to surrounding tissue. Clay masks have antibiotic features that allow for the healing of such infections thus reducing the pimple swelling.


Existing as a fruit and vegetable, tomato is very useful in reducing pimple swelling.

It contains high folate levels which are important for cell function. Pimples occur due to the presence of high levels of dead skin which block the pores. Folate helps in cell rejuvenation which thus eliminates formation of pimples and its subsequent swelling.

The presence of toxins in the skin cells also increase pimple swelling, tomatoes contain high levels of lycopene, beta carotene and Vitamin C which have antioxidant properties.

Pimple swelling occurs due to pore blockage which may rupture skin cells. Tomatoes contain naringenin a powerful flavonoid and astringent which not only cleans the skin but also tightens the pores reducing the swelling. They also contain vitamin A known for its noncomedogenic properties that help to eliminate blackheads.

The formation of pimples and swelling around the pimple may arise due to unbalanced PH levels of the skin where the bacteria presence create a highly alkaline state. The acidic nature of tomatoes normalizes this PH thus soothes the skin.

Recipe: Place a tomato slice on the pimple for a few minutes. Wash off with cold water after an hour.


A great source of water, cucumber provides the skin with enough fluid for regeneration thus eliminate clogged pores and excess oil production.

Contains beta carotene which works to eliminate toxins for the skin cells and reduce the swelling

Pimple swelling is caused by the expansion of the blood vessels that try to eliminate the pimple. The presence of flavonoids help to tighten the pores thus reducing the swelling. More so cucumber contains high levels of lignans which not only   eliminate toxins but also reduce swelling.

The lignans attack the enzymes linked to inflammation as well as stop the production of nitric oxide that causes inflammation.

Recipe:  on clean skin, place a cucumber slice over the pimple for a few minutes. Let it rest for an hour then wash off.

Lemon to reduce cystic acne swelling

Lemon for pimple swelling
Lemon for pimple swelling

A powerful antioxidant due to the presence of vitamin C which eradicates free radicals that may contribute to pore clogging.

Contains essential oils that are able to hydrate the skin cells thus preventing the buildup of dead cells which form pus on the pimples .They contain vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to fight off.

Contains high levels of phytochemicals   such as terpenes, tannins and polyphenols that are able to eliminate bad bacteria while boosting the immune system. Its acid content helps to destroy bad bacteria

It allows for constriction and toning of the blood vessels drastically reducing swelling of the pimple due to the presence of hesperidin and diamine oxidase.

Recipe: Place a slice of lemon for very few minutes due to sting and bleaching effects. Then wash the face with Luke warm water.

Apply Toothpaste to Reduce Pimple Swelling Overnight

Cream non-whitening toothpaste is best for reducing pimple reduction as it has antibacterial properties. The presence of triclosan an anti-bacterial helps to eliminate the bacteria responsible for pimple formation and swelling.

It also contains baking soda which works by drawing out moisture from the pus in pimple and eliminates the swelling.

Toothpaste contains silica which acts as an abrasive that work on the inflammation by removing the toxins and dirt in the pores without damaging the skin.

Recipe: Apply on pimple some cream toothpaste and leave overnight.

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Black tea

It contains high levels of flavonoids which protect the porosity of the blood vessels thus tightening the pores and reducing inflammation.

Black tea has antioxidant properties and contain high levels of tannins which promote the white blood cells production by boosting immune system.

The presence of polyphenols in tea empowers it to fight of  bad bacteria that is associated with  causing pimple swelling  In the process it promotes cell regeneration that allow for unclogging  of skin pores.

Recipe: Soak in warm water a tea bag and then let it cool. Press on pimple for five minutes to facilitate absorption. After a few minutes, wash off.

Ice to Reduce Pimple Swelling after popping it

Pimple swelling is caused by the vasodilation of the blood vessels that try to heal the skin from its infection. The sudden expansion may trigger the production of excess sebum and encourage the growth of bacteria.

How to Reduce Pimple Swelling after Popping it
How to Reduce Pimple Swelling after Popping it

Ice which is basically frozen water helps to bring the excess oils to the surface for elimination.

The sudden temperature change due to the topical application of the ice contracts the blood vessels shrinking the pimples and reducing the selling.

Recipe: Place some ice on a thin wash cloth. On clean fresh skin hold the cloth for a minute then remove. Repeat this procedure after five minutes, applying only for a minute.

Apple cider vinegar

Bacteria presence worsens pimple swelling. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which destroys bad bacteria thus reducing swelling.

Has astringent properties that allow it to tighten pores by removing excess dirt and reduce swelling.

It is also a great antioxidant through the presence of caffeic acid, gallic acid and acetic acid which eliminate radicals   that propagate cell damage. This prevents the cells from sudden or prolonged rupture thus reducing swelling. It also eliminates any toxins such as nitric oxide from the body.

It acidic property assists in balancing body PH by attacking the alkaline bacteria.

Salt water to reduce swelling from acne

Rich in sulfur, salt water allows for the production of oxygen in the skin which reduces inflammation

Its antibiotic and germicidal nature allows for the production of more white blood cells that are able to fight off pimples and inflammation. This is due to the boosting of the immune system by elimination of all germs.

The presence of water helps to hydrate pores thus unblocking them eliminating pimples and swelling.

Contains calcium which supports the cell membranes thus preventing them from rupture   that may affect surrounding tissue and cause inflammation. This also tightens the pores and removes all excess oil and dirt.

The presence of magnesium gives it its antioxidant properties that help in the elimination of all toxins that may cause oxidation.

Recipe: Bring to a boil a few cups of salt   .If the pimples appear on the face, cover it with a blanket and inhale the steam. The steam water to open areas around the pores and drain excess debris.


Pimple swelling is caused by the expansion of the blood vessels .Garlic contains salicylic acid that helps to constrict blood flow thus reducing pimple swelling.

Contain allicin which is a great antioxidant that kills the bad bacteria that causes inflammation. The presence of sulfur allows for proper oxidation of the ski cells and surrounding tissues thus reducing pimple swelling. The sulfur also has germicidal properties which stop any infections and boost the immune system.

Aloe Vera gel

Pimple swelling occurs when there is a leakage of fluids from the membranes. Aloe Vera is capable of healing infections and minor scars associated with swelling. This is due to the presence of catechin that strengthen and tones the cell membrane making it a suitable anti-inflammatory.

Its antibacterial properties allow for the destruction of bad bacteria’s thus reducing inflation. It contains tannins that boost the immune system thus reducing swelling.

Egg white

Astringent properties that help in pore tightening, this prevent clogging.

Has exfoliating properties that help to eliminate dirt, impurities and excess oils from the surrounding pimple tissue area thus cleansing.

Recipe: Separate egg white from yolk and whisk. Using a cotton ball apply and leave for an hour applied on pimple. Leave for 20 minutes or overnight and wash away.  Remove the mask and wash off with Luke warm water.

Use Honey to reduce pimple swelling fast

Antibacterial properties that destroy the P. acne bacteria .It breaks down to hydrogen peroxide which kills bacteria and water which hydrates the skin. The hydration help to eliminate excess sebum production

Contains polyphenols that are great antioxidants.

Recipe: On clean skin, apply raw honey on pimple and leave for half an hour. One may also cover with   a bandage overnight for best results. This should be done daily

Witch hazel

Contains tannin acid known for its astringent properties that constrict blood vessels tighten skin pores. It also destroys bacteria that may foster pimple swelling.

It has anti-inflammatory properties due to resin, a flavonoid content that help to reduce inflammation.

Eliminates toxins due to the presence of catechin and safrole which have high antioxidant properties.

Provide PH balance to the body due to its acidic nature thus reducing swelling

Recipe: Mix 2tsp. pure honey, one egg white, mashed avocado and one tsp. of alcohol free witch hazel. Apply the paste on skin and leave for 15 minutes before washing.

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Neem tree oil

Derived from neem seeds, it is rich in antioxidant due to carotenoid content stimulates the immunity of the cells thus strengthening them. This means that there is sufficient white blood cells to fight off infections and inflammation.

Great exfoliating properties that eliminate dead skin and impurities thus tighten pores.

Contains salicylic acid in the form of an aspirin compound that constrict blood vessels and contains the pimple swelling

Destroy the bacteria that cause pimples and inflammation due to the presence of azadirachtin compound.

Recipe: Mix lavender oil or any essential oi with a few drops of neem oil. Apply on skin and leave for thirty minutes before washing.

Tea tree oil

Has strong antibacterial properties that eliminate the bad bacteria associated with pimple swelling. It also has exfoliating properties that remove clogged pores.

Recipe: Mix in the ratio of 1:9 tea tree oil to water. On clean skin, press the mixture on the pimple using cotton ball for few minutes.  Leave for 20 minutes or overnight and wipe off with warm water.

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  1. Dermalmd blemish serum shrink my pimple size by half overnight and I but put a tiny dab on it before I go to sleep. Even though it is a drying serum but it does not dry my face out at all. I used tea tree oil for spot treatment in the past but that would dry my face out so bad and made it flaky as well.

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