Coconut Oil for Eczema: Is Coconut Oil Good for Eczema

Coconut Oil for Eczema

Coconut oil is one of the most popular ingredients found in natural skin care products. Eczema being an incurable skin disorder characterized by itchy dry inflamed skin that can lead to redness, broken skin and rashes. Coconut oil has properties which will help fight these symptoms, by soothing the skin, reducing pain, reduce eczema flare-ups, and support healing. It also helps to repair skin that has been damaged. This tops up the fact that coconut oil is natural and poses no risk of side effects. Here is more on the use of coconut oil for eczema.  

Why Coconut Oil?

As one of the very first recommended natural treatment for baby eczema, coconut oil has been gifted with various properties that bring lots of the benefits for eczema. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has healthy nutrients and vitamins like caprylic acid, lauric acid, and capric acid, Vitamin K and E which help with itching skin, the health of skin and balancing pH levels, coconut can’t be shy when it comes to dealing with eczema.  For a better description of why coconut oil is good for eczema here is its benefits of coconut oil for eczema.

The best coconut oil for acne in virgin coconut oil, it is all natural and is the best in quality of all coconut oils.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Eczema

1.    Reduces inflammation and pain

Inflammation and pain are a discomfort that is associated with eczema, thus the anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil will swollenness and also pain caused by eczema.

2.    Antibacterial

A fatty acid known as lauric acid is a natural ingredient present in coconut. This acid is responsible for coconuts oil anti-bacterial properties. In the body lauric in converted to monolaurin compound which then protects the skin against bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus which worsens eczema and causes infection. It also helps protect the skin against fungi and protozoa.

3.    It is Moisturizes/ hydrates the skin

Eczema lids to the skin drying out because it reduces the ability of the skin to remain hydrated thus it seems appropriate to use coconut to moisturize your skin. After applying, the pores of your skin remain to protect and water is loss of the skin is prevented thus your skin remains hydrated

4.    Coconut Oil Boosts the Immune System

Coconut oil has properties that with help boost your immune system and also helps to modulate it. One of the ingredients is lauric acid which assists in enhancing the immune system’s response in your body without leaving any side effects like some of eczema medical treatment like Corticosteroid cream, lotion, as well as liquid or Pimecrolimus and tacrolimus which come with a lot of baggage.

5.    Coconut Oil Will Strengthens Skin Tissues and Nourishing To Damaged Skin

Because of fatty acids like medium- chain triglycerides (MCTs) or medium- chain fatty acids (MCFAs) which are rich in coconut oil, the oil is easily absorbable into the skin layer and strengthens the skin connective tissue making the skin supple and elastic.

6.    Relieves Itching

With itching being a leading symptom of eczema it can encourage starching which can lead to your skin developing rashes, patches or the skin broking; especially for children because they don’t have the discipline to not scratch. To avoid this use just apply coconut oil it has soothing properties like antibacterial and anti-inflammatory as well as its application forms a protective layer on the skin which prevents dust, foreign objects and other environmental pollutants that can trigger itching.

Using Coconut Oil for Eczema

There are two ways you can use coconut oil, one is the application of the oil on your skin and the other is consuming it orally like a dietary supplement; the most popular and with different ways of doing it is an application on the skin. Here are ways using coconut oil on your skin.

How to use Coconut Oil for Eczema
How to use Coconut Oil for Eczema

How to use Coconut Oil for Eczema

Coconut Oil

This is just raw coconut oil without any other additive or ingredients, giving you benefits of coconut oil.


  1. Spread coconut oil leanly on your skin or only the affected area. Then leave it to completely absorb in your skin
  2. Do this especially after bath and before sleeping
  3. Repeat the process twice daily for best results

Homemade Eczema Cream


  • Half a cup coconut oil
  • Half a cup raw Shea butter
  • 30 drops of lavender essential oil
  • A tablespoon local honey
  • 8 drops of tea tree essential oil


  1. Using a double boiler Melt the Shea butter then mix with coconut oil and start stirring
  2. Add honey to the mixture then continue to stir. All this is when everything is continuing melting.
  3. Once everything is well blended, and tea tree and lavender oils and continue to stir
  4. Then take the mixture into a cooling area e.g. for a while so that it can begin to thicken.  Don’t let it harden too much just keep it soft
  5. Then take it out of the cool place and start mixing for several minutes until it has a frothy appearance.  You can achieve development of a consistency lotion by continuing to mix for about every ten minutes
  6. After it as developed the consistency of lotion transfer the mixture into a container or jar then store in a cool room with room temperature. This keeps its texture soft like for easier application in the future

The process takes about 40 minutes to make but serve you for at least 25 times

Coconut Oil Body Scrub

When you use this process coconut oil will help our skin produce its natural oils and also the skins dead skin will be exfoliated.

Coconut Oil Body Scrub for Eczema
Coconut Oil Body Scrub for Eczema


  • 4 tablespoons of Sugar(white or brown)
  • Two tablespoons Coconut oil


  1. Add coconut oil to the sugar and gently mix the two
  2. Use the mixture to start massaging gently on affected area
  3. When you fill that you have massaged the skin well enough. Rinse off with warm water and then pat dry with clean towel
  4. Do this 3 times in  week for best results

Coconut oil and essential oils for eczema


  • Half a cup coconut oil
  • 20 drops lavender essential oil
  • 20 drops geranium essential oil
  • 30 drops cedarwood essential oil


  1. The procedure is simple all you need is a jar that you put all the oils in and start stirring till it is mixed well.
  2. Apply to the affected area

Do this once or twice daily for best results

Coconut Bath oil

A coconut oil bath will leave the skin supple and soft meaning that you will be free from itching. It is also the best form of remedy for dealing with eczema that is in hard places we can’t perfectly reach when applying any remedy without assistance i.e. buttocks or our backs.


  1. After filling tubs with warm water add 3-5 tablespoons of coconut oil, and 5 tablespoons of both lavender and tea tree essential oils. They bring an additional therapeutic value.
  2. Get in the bath and soak for an hour
  3. After that get out of the tub but let the water dry out naturally on your skin
  4. You can repeat this process daily.

Coconut Oil for Eczema in babies


  1. After filling tubs with warm water add a few drops of coconut oil to the baby’s bath
  2. Get the baby in the birth and wait for 10-15 minutes
  3. After getting the baby out, pat dry and then apply a coconut oil as a moisturizer or on the affected area like cheeks, hand, feet etc.
  4. Then dress them in clean loose fitted cloth.
  5. Application of the oil can also be done before bedtime

This daily process can be done twice or thrice a day to treat eczema in infants.

Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice

Lemon juice gives coconut oil a boost of vitamin C which helps with new skin regeneration and also has antiseptic properties.


  1. Add the same amount of coconut oil drops with lemon juice
  2. Mix the two well and then apply the solution to affected area
  3. Do this before going to bed so that you can leave it overnight

You can do this once or twice a day for best results

Coconut Oil as a Dietary Supplement

With food allergies like dairy, wheat, eggs, soy products being a potential cause of skin problems and eczema. Adding coconut oil to your diet as a will assist a lot in preventing eczema and also give your immune system a boost

Just add 2-3 teaspoons of coconut oil to your meals daily or just take them straight orally.

Oil pulling

This method is not as popular as coconut oil as a dietary supplement and when people hear about it they are reluctant in using it. It involves swishing a warm tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and holding out for about 5 to 10 minutes before spitting it out. It should be done on an empty stomach and daily.

Lots of people who have done this claim that even though they were skeptical at first the result are positive and they don’t lie.

The procedure isn’t for children, they might slow the oil.

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