How to get rid of Eczema on the Face

How to get rid of Eczema on the Face
How to get rid of Eczema on the Face

Eczema is one of those skin conditions that are very much visible to the naked eye, it is characterized by red, swollen, itchy skin with burn sensation. Sometimes, it may cause pain from breaking and irritation of the skin. It commonly affects the hands, feet, elbows as well as neck, the face can also be affected. So, how do you deal with dry, erythematous, itchy skin on the face? Today we are going to talk more about how to get rid of eczema on the face with home remedies and medication.

Causes of Eczema on Face

Although there is no known cause of eczema, it is commonly believed by some doctors to be brought on by a skin or body reaction to the presence of some allergen or irritant. More often it affects an individual with the same family history of oversensitivity of the immune system and allergies. Here are the causes of eczema:

  • Allergens – allergens like dust, pollens or pets may bring about eczema
  • Immune system- if you have a weak immune system and you family has genetic history of the eczema disorder you are more like it to get it or oversensitivity of immune system
  • Genetic problem. It is more likely that if eczema affected individuals in your family or ancestor that you will get the condition and its symptoms
  • Irritants – this include harsh detergents, shampoos or soaps
  • Diet – dairy staff(soy, wheat etc.), eggs, seeds, and nuts bring about eczema and worsen its symptoms
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Excessive sweating
  • stress
  • Abrupt changes in humidity and temperature
  • Skin in contact with harmful impurities and course material

How to Get Rid of Eczema on the Face

There is no known treatment for eczema. However, the situation can be managed by dealing with its symptoms and flare-up. The treatment goals for eczema are to control the itching, prevent the flare-ups, prevent infection and heal the skin. Here are the ways of dealing with eczema.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Eczema on the Face

Lifestyle improvement

There are several changes you can make in your life that not only help manage the situation and getting rid of eczema but also can assist in preventing eczema from affecting you. They include:

  • Using a moisturizer after bathing, during the day and before going to sleep helps to deal with dry patches on the skin, thus helping heal eczema.
  • Shower or bath frequently. It will help remove skin toxins and impurities that help in the buildup of severe eczema thus you will have improved chances of getting better. Put dry and don’t rub dry with a towel; abrasive contact can bring about skin and eczema
  • Make use of special baths such as sea salt, vinegar, and bleach to improve symptoms of eczema
  • You skin friendly detergents on towels, sheets or other things that come in contact with your skin
  • Avoid stress
  • Change your diet. Eat to be balanced meals and avoid products filled with hormones, a chemical that aggravates eczema and lots of acids; try gluten-free and add lots of vegetables to your meals.

Tea Tree Oil

With anti-itching, antiseptic, anti-microbial and wound healing qualities, tea tree oil is naturally designed to deal with eczema. It also can be used as a standard moisturizer.


  • Mix together one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil with 10 drops of tea tree oil and a tablespoon of melted coconut oil.
  • After mixing together you can know apply all around your face.
  • You do not have to use it all up.
  • You can store it in a cool and dry place.

Ice cubes

If you are not afraid of your face is cold, you can wrap ice cubes in a towel on the face or just use a cube and col compress it on the face. It will help relieve you of a burning sensation and itching that comes with eczema. In addition, your skin is hydrated.

Calamine Lotion for Eczema

Calamine lotion will give instant relief to itching, will soothe your face from discomfort, it is both antiseptic and astringent so fluids and other impurities will be absorbed from weeping sore of your eczema and the zinc in the calamine lotion will help boost the immune system. An Ingredient like Calcium bentonite clay also helps gets rid of toxins and bacteria. Because of the diversity of the ingredients calamine lotion is really meant for eczema.


  • Four teaspoons of Calcium bentonite clay
  • Four teaspoons Baking soda-
  • One tablespoon of Sea salt
  • Ten to 15 drops of Tea tree oil
  • Two to three teaspoons of Pink Kaolin clay (optional
  • One teaspoon Zinc oxide powder
  • A quarter cup of Water


  1. Leaving out tea tree oil and water add all the other ingredients together.
  2. After mixing them together pour water in it and continuously stir the mixture into a loose paste texture.
  3. After that add the Essential tea tree oil and stir until its mixed well
  4. Store in a jar and keep in a cool and dry place
  5. You can apply the lotion daily on your face until you see you eczema disappear. Good for when you are staying in.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil has both anti-inflammatory and analgesic property which means that it’s good for eczema. Just apply it on your face like you do any petroleum jelly after you bathing or before going to bed.



  1. Take half a cup of peas and grind using a blender till it’s a fine paste
  2. Add one teaspoon of yogurt and stir the two ingredients together properly.
  3. Apply the solution on your face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water

Do this twice or thrice a week for best results

Olive Oil for Eczema

It helps with eczema flare-ups and also its other symptoms of inflammation, itching, dryness etc.


  1. Use container and adds 10 to 12 drops of extra virgin oil with 1-2 cups of honey or sugar and a quarter cup of water and stir well.
  2. Apply the mixture on the affected area and store the remaining solution in a cool dry place
  3. Leave for 3-4 hours and then wash off with warm water

Do this once or twice daily

Use Baking soda to Get Rid of Eczema on the Face


  • Four teaspoons of baking soda
  • 2 teaspoon of water
  • 2 teaspoon of honey


  1. Mix the ingredients together till they are fine paste
  2. Apply on your face
  3. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes then wash off with warm water.
  4. Repeat this twice or thrice a week for best results

Cucumber to get rid of eczema on the face naturally

  1. Peel a fresh cucumber then slice of its ends
  2. Chop it into large pieces then use a blender or food processor to grind them
  3. Using a mesh strainer placed over a large bowl and cheesecloth inside the strainer just pour the blended cucumber through the cheesecloth and then squeeze as the juice comes of it into the bowl.
  4. Using a cotton ball apply the cucumber juice on eczema affected face
  5. Leave it four an hour before washing off with clean water.

Medical Treatments or Eczema on face

If the home remedies don’t make any improvement of eczema on your face, then it’s understandable and advisable to try out medical treatment. First, visit a specialist or dermatologist before trying out any facial cream or procedure to deal with eczema. Here are the medical treatments of eczema on face:


These medications help the skin heal and also can relieve your symptoms. They include shots, cream, pills, and liquids. Some may not work for some people a reason why a doctor may try different options.

Corticosteroid creams, foams, solutions, and ointments-They can easily relieve inflammation and itching. They are made with hydrocortisone steroids come in different strength so the doctor will be the one choosing depending on severity of eczema on your face

Pimecrolimus and tacrolimus– They aren’t made of steroids and are used for inflammation. However, they increase chances of getting skin cancer.

Drugs to turn down your immune system– They assist in keeping your immune system and body from overacting. They include methotrexate, cyclosporine, and mycophenolate mofetil.

Corticosteroid liquids, pills, or shots – This is a powerful medication that relieves the skin of symptoms brought on by severe eczema.

Barrier repair moisturizers- The moisturizers are for repairing damage, helping water lock into the skin and ease dryness, itching as well as redness.

NSAID ointmentKnown as crisaborole (Eucrisa) They will reduce swelling on the skin and help return the skin to its previous natural appearance. They don’t have steroids and are anti-inflammatory.

Ultraviolet treatment or phototherapy

Although natural sunlight affects eczema negatively, ultraviolet light is different because it can be controlled and supervised. What happens is that the dermatologist exposed the affected skin on the face with UV light thus reducing overreaction of the skin immune system cells that have been promoting inflammation hence treating the itching and skin rash of eczema. This is widely undertaken if home remedies and medical treatment doesn’t work on treating eczema.

You can also use PUVA therapy if you haven’t gotten result from the UV therapy alone; it’s just taking a medication known as Psoralen which makes the skin more sensitive to UV lights

Risks of Using Medical Treatment for Eczema on Face

The disadvantage of using medical treatment when delaying with eczema over home remedies is that there can be hazardous side effects.

  1. Uses of Corticosteroids creams, foams, solutions, and ointments can occasionally bring about pink pimples or acne usually around the face and mouth. In children, it can cause weakened immune responses and suppressed growth if used for a while.
  2. Pimecrolimus and tacrolimus may increase chances of getting non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and skin cancer.
  3. Corticosteroid liquids, pills, or shots can bring about skin damage and bone loss.
  4. Drugs can bring about kidney problems and high blood pressure.
  5. For Barrier repair moisturizers some products may have unwanted ingredients and irritating fragrances.
  6. When using eczema light therapy you are at risk of skin damage, skin cancer, burning and also the Psoralen medication for PUVA procedure can cause nausea and headaches.
  7. Because using this forms of medication is highly risky FDA has issued a special warning for them. So it’s advisable to first visit a demonologist before purchasing or taking any procedure.

Tips to Prevent Eczema on Your Face

  • Avoid scratching your face if it’s the affected area. It can cause or worsen the inflammation
  • Drink lots of water daily “2 lighters of water”. It will keep your skin hydrated.
  • Eat balanced diet and make sure the food is healthy
  • Wash your bed sheets, towel, quilts, and pillowcases regularly with proper soap or detergents.
  • When feeling that your face is getting dryer try using a moisturizing cream. You can apply moisturizer at night before sleep and make sure its alcohol free moisturizer
  • Try dealing with the situation if there are any sing on other parts of the body because most likely it will affect your face sooner. So try to treat eczema as soon as flare-ups begin
  • Do not use loofahs or showers pumps while bathing unless advised otherwise by a doctor.
  • Avoid being stressed all the time. Stress full situations brings negative effects to eczema prevention

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