Ice for Pimples: Does Putting Ice on Pimples Work?

Ice for Pimples

Using ice for pimples is a quick and effective way to shrink and eliminate pimples fast. Here is how to;

How do Pimples Form?

Skin pores are connected to sebaceous glands that are located under the skin surface at the base of the hair follicles. The glands which produce an oily liquid called sebum. Sebum is released through the hair follicles onto the skin surface. Sebum helps to keep the skin supple. It also cleans out the skin by carrying out dead skin cells to the surface.

Does putting Ice on Pimples Work
Does putting Ice on Pimples Work

Sometimes, the glands become overactive and produce too much oil. They form a plug that blocks the hair follicles.

Accumulation of oil under the skin creates favorable condition for the growth of bacteria including the Propionibacterium acne. This bacteria naturally exists on the skin. It is normally harmless.

At favorable conditions, it multiplies rapidly forming an infection characterized by a pimple with pus as its tip. The bacteria produces an immune response that results in inflammation. Inflammation is usually characterized by swelling, pain, and redness.

In Summary:

Pimples form when excess sebum and dead skin cells creates a plug that blocks pores and thus the swelling. Growth of bacteria results in infection characterized by pus as its tip.

Ice Cubes for Pimples
Ice Cubes for Pimples

Does Putting Ice On Pimples Work?

Using ice on pimple helps to reduce the symptoms of inflammation. It constricts blood vessels this diminishing the size and getting rid of redness. This is not a cure for pimples but a way to reduce inflammation thus speeding up the healing process.

Does Ice Help Pimples go away?

Ice is a quick remedy to get rid of acne fast. Other than constricting blood vessels, it also prevents entrance of new bacteria which would cause more pimple breakouts. Use this less than 5 minutes trick to eliminate pimples ahead of that hot date or interview.

Putting Ice on Pimples

  1. Clean your face with warm water and mild soap
  2. Place ice cubes on a wash cloth
  3. Gently rub one ice cube son a pimple until it melts


  1. Place the wrapped ice on top of the pimples for a minute or so
  2. Remove the ice and wait for five minutes and reapply if needed
  3. Follow up with moisturizer or acne treatment product

This will give you instant relief and a cooling effect.

Note: NEVER use more than one ice cube directly on skin. You’ll get frost burns!

Other Benefits of Ice Cubes for Face and Skin

Other than using ice for pimples, here are other ways to use ice cubes for face and skin;

  1. Rub ice cubes on your face before makeup. It will make your makeup last longer. Thank me later!
  2. Use ice cubes on sunburns to get instant relief. It will cool down your skin, get rid of pain and skin irritation fast.
  3. Rubbing ice on your skin will improve your complexion. Instant radiance!
  4. Use ice cubes to get rid of dark under eye circles. Simply place wrapped ice cubes on a washcloth and place them on dark circle under eyelids. It will get rid of the tired look and puffiness.
  5. Using ice cubes daily improves blood circulation to your face and skin. This will give you a natural and healthy glow.
  6. Regular use of ice cubes prevents premature aging- formation of wrinkles and areas of hyperpigmentation.
  7. Rub ice cubes on your face to reduce pores.
  8. Helps with oily skin. Ice cubes reduce production of oil leaving your fresh.
  9. Use ice cubes to rehydrate the skin on your face during hot summers.

Fun Beauty Tip:

Use fruits, milk, cucumber and aloe Vera to make the ice cubes.

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