How to get rid of Strawberry Legs, Fast, Home Remedies

Strawberry Legs
Strawberry Legs

Strawberry legs appear as black dots or dark spots on the skin usually after hair removal. A common concern, especially for women of color, strawberry legs, are visible dark pores on the skin. Here is more on how to fix and get rid of strawberry legs fast with home remedies.

It’s summer, time to put on bikini costumes and fabulous shorts showing off the beautiful leg skin. But it’s a no-no for you since you have tiny and visible black spots all over the legs that are not very appealing. These may be mistaken for shaving rash. The process of shaving though fast and affordable can lead to strawberry legs and it’s more visible on black skin complexion due to the high melanin levels.

Strawberry Legs

Medically referred to as open comedones. They are enlarged pores or hair follicles that contain oil, bacteria and dead skin.   During shaving, some of the hair may not be fully removed leading to ingrown hairs. Upon the hair follicle’s exposure to air and melanin, they may change color and appear dark. More so the ingrown hairs may be subject to clogging and inflammation.

Strawberry Legs(Dark Pores on Legs)
Strawberry Legs(Dark Pores on Legs)

Causes of Strawberry Legs

Folliculitis – This is a condition that affects the hair follicles. Precipitated by bacteria, yeast or fungus infection it may lead to inflammation resulting in dark pores.

Shaving. Poor shaving technique is the most common cause of dark pores on legs. The process when improperly done can damage the hair follicles since it doesn’t remove them from the roots. The incomplete hair follicles may curl up and remain under the skin. This creates a blockage forcing the immune system to release white blood cells to act on the ‘foreign matter’.  This leads to an inflammation and little bumps.

Acne leads to excess sebum production that can lead to clogged follicles. The presence of dead skin cells and dirt may also contribute to the clogging of the hair follicles.  Upon exposure to air through shaving or scrubbing triggers oxidation which makes them darker in appearance.

Excessively dry skin. The lack of moisture causes an influx of dead skin cells that can clog the pores. This results in bacterial infection and subsequent inflammation of the hair follicles.

How to get rid of Strawberry Legs Fast

Use of epilator

This is a hand held device that contains small tweezers that are charged by an electric current. It pulls hair from the roots thus eliminating chances of ingrown hairs. Since it is a bit painful one needs to use a topical cream to numb the area.

Exfoliating to Remove Dirt from Pores

Strawberry legs appear as a result of dead clogged hair follicles that may result from acne. The removal of the dead cells and subsequent control of sebum production can help to diminish the appearance of strawberry legs. The best exfoliators and sebum control contain a hydroxy acid in either its chemical and granular form.

Here are effective methods to exfoliate skin

Chemical exfoliants

To reduce acne breakouts lactic acid can be used as a chemical peel. Highly rich in alpha hydroxy acid it is a mild but effective exfoliator. This removes the dead outer layer of skin including curled up hair while hydrating and moisturizing the skin. It contains skin lightening properties that eliminate the dark pores associated with strawberry legs.

Aspirin. Once exposed to air, damaged hair follicles are oxidized and their color darkens. The use of salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid best for treating oily skin contains high antioxidant properties which help to reduce skin inflammation, remove blackheads that help to removes dark spots, exfoliates, fights acne by unclogging pores.

Recipe: Form a paste by mixing two Aspirin rich in salicylic acid and a few drop of water. Apply on legs and wash off after a few minutes.

The exposure to melanin and air can cause the exposed hair follicles to darken. Glycolic acid an alpha hydroxy peels off this dark color thus lightening the strawberry leg.

How to get rid of Strawberry Legs with Home Remedies

Here are effective methods to get rid of strawberry legs at home;

Use Baking Soda to Cure Strawberry Legs

Sodium bicarbonate contains anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce the inflammation of the hair follicle associated with strawberry legs. It’s coarse nature also makes it a great exfoliator.

Exfoliate using Brown Sugar

A teaspoon of brown sugar. Contains glycolic acid an alpha hydroxyl acid which helps in removing dead skin making it a great exfoliator. Its humectant properties allow it to moisturize the skin thus removing dead skin. It also prevents acne and discoloration by controlling the production of melanin and sebum. This helps to lighten the skin and remove the dark spots on strawberry legs.

Butter, Milk and Sea Salt

Recipe 2:  Mix two tablespoons of buttermilk with a teaspoon of sea salt.  Buttermilk is rich in lactic acid and astringent properties which lighten and tighten the skin pores. The salt also acts as a great exfoliant. Apply the paste on the legs and leave for 5 minutes

Aloe Vera Remedy for Dark Pores on Legs

Recipe 3: Two tablespoon of aloe vera, brown sugar and a teaspoon of lemon. The aloe vera will provide anti-inflammatory properties and the lemon tightens the pores.

Recipe 4: Mix a teaspoon of brown sugar with two teaspoons of olive oil. The oil helps to moisturize and lighten the skin.

The above scrubs should be applied using a wet towel in a circular motion for 5 minutes. Wash off with warm water then with cool water .seal with natural oil to lock in moisture.

Treat Acne to get rid of Strawberry Legs

Strawberry legs are also triggered by acne and some of the home treatment include:

Egg white

Acne creates a large pore surface area that is prone to dirt and dead skin. As a great astringent, it works by shrinking the pore area thus tightening. This also helps to control oil production and prevent acne. By squeezing out the excess oil, it removes the comedones and clears the strawberry legs.

Recipe: Mix one egg white with a teaspoon of lemon juice and apply on the legs. After 5 minutes wash off with warm water and moisturize.

Use Cucumber to get rid of dark pores on legs

This vegetable contains bleaching, antioxidant properties, and silica that are useful in removing dark spots and lighten the skin.

Contains moisturizing properties. These increase hydration of the cells thus lightening pores. The acids prevent swellings thus eliminating the formation of bumps from ingrown hair

Its anti-inflammatory properties make it useful in reducing any inflammation that may attack the hair follicles.

Rich in phytochemicals and astringent, cucumbers provide a collagen and elastin boost production while tightening skin pores.

  1. Mash to a paste one cucumber and apply on the leg
  2. Leave for five minutes and wash off
  3. Treatment should be done twice a day.

Alternatively; Make cucumber juice

  1. Mix together mashed cucumber
  2. Add a few drops of lemon juice and rose water
  3. Apply the paste on affected legs and leave for ten minutes
  4. Wash off and repeat process daily for effective results.

Oils massage

Castor oil. Contains ricinoleic acid which helps to fight acne.  A rich source of anti-inflammatory properties it also moisturizes the skin while boosting collagen and elastin promoting new skin formation.This eliminates the dark pores. Provides oxygen to the anaerobic bacteria that clogs pores thus reducing the formation of strawberry legs.  Contains fatty acids that help to hydrate the skin by eliminating the dead skin that causes dark pores on strawberry legs.

Recipe: Mix together aloe vera and few drops of castor oil and massage on the affected skin

Mix 2 tbs. olive oil and a few drops of tea tree oil and massage on the area for five minutes. The presence of squalene helps to reduce acne by controlling acne production. It also works as a great exfoliator which helps to lighten skin and rid of dark pores. Rich in antioxidant properties it helps to prevent the oxidation of the pores that darkens the skin. The tea tree oil acts as an antibacterial which helps to rid of bacteria responsible for clogging pores associated with strawberry legs.

Coconut oil or almond oil mixed sandalwood oil. Mix together few drops of each and apply on the strawberry legs and massage for 5 minutes.

 Shave Properly

The presence of ingrown hairs caused by improper shaving is one of the major causes of strawberry legs. The damaged follicles and its subsequent exposure to air, dirt and dead skin clog pores and darken the pores and skin area.

  1. On prior exfoliated skin usually, 3 days, use warm water to soak the legs.
  2. Scrub gently to clean the skin impurities and open the pores.
  3. Apply coconut oil to moisturize
  4. Use a sharp razor shaving in the direction of hair growth.
  5. After shaving use cold water to close the pores and seal off with olive oil.

This process, however, is short term as there are chances of leaving some hair since it is not pulled from the roots.

How to Fix Strawberry Legs with Waxing

This involves the use of hot wax or strips which are applied on the leg then pulled off. This helps to pull off hair from the roots avoiding ingrown hairs. For best results, the legs should be exfoliated at least three days before and the skin should be moisture free.


A more permanent solution this makes use of low current energy which targets the damaged hair follicles. It inhibits its growth preventing the onset of curled ingrown hairs that attract dirt, oil, and inflammation.It is a tedious process.

Intense Pulsed light treatment

The use of light beams targets the damaged hair follicles eliminating the hair directly from its roots. It also targets the follicle tissues thus exfoliates the pores. This eliminates the chances of pore irritation that often leads to darkening. For effectiveness, this treatment is done 6-8 times with weeks apart.

Hair Laser Removal

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