How to Shave your Legs with a Razor, without Nicks and Irritation.

How to Shave your Legs
How to Shave your Legs

There are many different ways on how to shave your legs. What you chose to go depends on the kind of results you need. Below, is more on how to shave your legs using a razor, without nicks and irritation. Find out more on alternatives to shaving such as waxing, sugaring, electrolysis and laser hair removal for legs.

How to get smooth legs from shaving

Everybody who needs a shave expects to have a smooth, clean shave. These few tips will help achieve best results when shaving your legs.

How to Shave your Legs
How to Shave your Legs
  • Always exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin which may stick on the razor making it blunt.
  • Lather your legs before shaving to ensure they are smooth for a good shave.
  • Be gentle when cleaning and cutting so as to avoid skin irritation.
  • It may be a good idea to take a warm shower before you set down to shave your legs. It makes your hair soft hence easy to shave.
  • Use the right blade. A good blade should have many blades so as to be able to shave once without having to repeat the same part; the handle should have a smooth grip, and the head should be in the form of a pivot.
  • Moisturize your legs to prevent formation of rashes and dry skin.
  • It is also important to use sunscreen lotions for your legs since the sun is bound to damage your feet.

The following methods are can be applied when shaving;

How to Shave Your Legs Fast with a Razor

In the Shower with a Razor

The best razor to use is the disposable razor such as Gillette. Here is how to effectively shave your legs in the shower with a razor;

  1. Always check your blade to ensure that it’s clean, sharp and it’s not rusted or even damaged. If your hair is light, you may require one module which you can use repeatedly. If you have thick hair, you may need another blade to change if the blade pulls when shaving.
  2. Preferably after you are done taking a shower, sit at the edge of the bathing tub or on a stool. Place your leg in a pivoting manner. This will enable you to reach the ankles.
  3. Moisturize your skin before shaving so as to soothe your skin to avoid irritation, also ensure you use water soluble cream since it’s gentler on the skin. The good news is you do not need only to use shaving cream you can also use hair conditioner for this purpose.
  4. Begin with the ankle at the bottom of your leg as you move up to the rest of the leg
  5. Always shave your hair against the grain and do it slowly so as to ensure it is done well and gently.
  6. Rinse the blade after every stroke with warm or hot water to unclog the blade this mostly applies to the people with thick hair.
  7. Do not forget to shave the inner and outer of the thighs.
  8. For left out places, apply the shaving cream and repeat the process
  9. Do the same for the other leg

Wipe off the water from your legs and moisturize with cream so as to ensure your feet are not dry. It is paramount to use sunscreen cream to moisturize your skin so as to avoid sun damage.

Use Electric Razor to Shave your Legs without Leaving Hair.

An electric razor is dry razor, electric shaver or a shaver with a rotating blade. The electric razor is the only method which does not require shaving cream soap or even water. All you need is electricity and some batteries to have it working.

Types of Electric Razors for Leg Hair Removal
Types of Electric Razors for Leg Hair Removal

The previous electric shavers were invented for dry shaves but as time goes by more inventories has come up designed for both wet and dry shaves.

Here is how to use an electric shaver;

  1. Wash your legs with warm water to ensure the hair is moisturized
  2. Always ensure that the shaver is safe and clean since dirty shaver does not cut well. It may lead to injuries on the skin.
  3. Make sure the shaver is gently touching your leg, and it’s close to your leg to ensure a close shave
  4. Do not use too much pressure when cutting to avoid flattening the hair on your legs which may cause uneven shaving.
  5. Hold the razor flat against your leg to avoid skin irritation and prevent the hair from being stubble.

Best Way to Shave Your Legs, without Nicks and Irritation, Procedure

Naomi Torres is a certified educator with a license in cosmetology. She has also worked in salons and spa in providing hair, skin and hair removal services. She states that even if one has been shaving for a long time sometimes it’s tough to avoid nicks and cuts.

Here is how to shave your legs without nicks and irritation;

  • Ensure the cream you choose to use is the right one for your skin. Some skins are very sensitive. Use a type of lotion that is less irritating. Such creams should be unscented.
  • Do not go for the cheap disposable razor as they are prompt to causing cuts and nicks which lead to skin irritation. Always ensure the blade you are using has multiple blades, pivoting head, and a smooth handle.
  • If it’s the first time you are shaving, or you have stayed a while without shaving, trim the hair first maybe with a pair of scissors. This makes it easier to use the razor and also avoids it clogging.
  • It is always important to take a warm shower or bath at least a few minutes before shaving as this helps in making the hair soft relax your skin and making it easy to shave.
  • Use an exfoliator to get rid of dead skin as this helps one to have a smooth shave.
  • It is crucial to use some shaving oil as this prevents the razor from grinding directly on your skin which may cause razor burn, ingrown hair, and irritation.
  • Apply the shaving cream on the legs to make sure the skin is wet. Do so in a circular manner as this helps to lift the hair for a comfortable shave.
  • Without using excessive pressure and going in the opposite direction of hair growth cut the hair. Make sure you do not dwell on one part for too long. Always ensure you rinse the blade in between shaving so as to avoid clogging.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water and use a clean towel to pat dry. Then apply moisturizer to keep the skin soft and smooth. For men, or those with thick skin, use a serum which prevents bumps. Irritation and ingrown hair.

How to Shave Your Legs without a Razor

Shaving Legs with Scissors for Men
Shaving Legs with Scissors for Men

But before the introduction of electric shaves, razor and shaving cream women used tools to remove the unwanted hair e.g. pumice stones or tools with sharp blades.

According to Board-certified dermatologist Lisa D’Onofrio a member of American Academy of Dermatology, she states that one needs a sharp blade to shave even if it’s a commercial razor or a knife as long as the purpose is to shave.

Shaving Leg Hair with Scissors in Males?

Research shows that men’s legs are hairy the further you go up which makes it so difficult to stop the growth. Usually, the best thing for men to do when considering shaving is taking note on where the hair is not required and shave that particular place.

Since men tend to be hairier, scissors can be helpful to trim the hair before you use a razor to cut the hair completely.

Waxing Your Legs and Arms before the Beach

Before one waxing, hair should have grown at least 1 cm long. Make sure a few days before you wax your legs, you use a mildly abrasive scrub to exfoliate the feet this is also important so as to prevent possible skin irritation.

  1. Heat the wax you are using as instructed by the manufacturer making sure not to overheat. Wax can cause serious burns and caution should be exercised while applying on the skin.
  2. Ensure you seat on a chair or surface which is easy to clean and comfortable as well.
  3. Apply your wax carefully in a thin and uniform layer- in the direction of hair growth. Always hold the applicator at a 90 degrees angle.
  4. Make the skin taunt with one of your hand while you remove the strip with the other hand.
  5. Ensure you pull the strip as fast as possible in the opposite direction of the hair growth to reduce pain.
  6. Apply a damp cloth to the leg if you experience any irritation- it will help soothe.
  7. To remove any wax residues, use a cotton pad soaked in baby oil to gently wipe it off your legs
  8. After waxing it is always advisable to apply antiseptic. This helps to disinfect the area which has been waxed. It also stops formation of ingrown hairs

Check out this Video on How to Wax your Legs with Strip Wax

How to wax your legs with duct tape

Did you know this is the most painful method of hair removal? Well using duct tape to remove hair is used to substitute waxing for those who cannot be able to afford to wax although it’s much more painful.

How does the duct tape work?

There’s a small difference between waxing and using duct tape to remove hair.

  1. Grow your hair at least 1 inch so as to ensure it is long enough for the tape to stick.
  2. If you are afraid of the pain, apply some tooth-numbing cream since it soothes and reduces pain. Ensure this is done probably an hour before removing the hair so that the area is numb.
  3. Apply duct tape vertically rather than horizontally. It makes sure that most hair comes out in one strip.
  4. Rip off the tape as quick as possible against the direction of hair growth.


Sugaring also known as sugar waxing is a method of removing hair that has been in existence since year 1900BC. Honey was the first sugaring agent used.

Sugaring works in a way that a substrate of sugaring removes hair without touching the skin.

This substrate is used with Luke warm water so as to avoid any burning of the skin. Sugaring is preferred over waxing when removing the hair since it removes a larger area. This method however may cause irritation to people with sensitive skin. There are two types of sugar i.e. Professional-use sugar paste which contain wax and homemade sugar which is purely made of sugar.

Depilation Cream to Shave Leg Hair without getting Goose Bumps

People with sensitive skins are mostly prone to skin irritation rashes and bumps after leg hair removal. Using a dull razor may cause these problems since one has to press hard to the skin while shaving. To avoid irritation, go for over counter creams or even natural products. Some of over counter remedies include lotions such as menthol or phenol or anti-itchy creams. Natural remedies include aloe Vera and oatmeal.

Laser Hair Removal to Shave Legs and Make it Last

This is a permanent hair removal method. Compared to other methods used to shave leg hair, laser leaves the skin smoother. It is fast and with less discomfort.

How does laser hair removal work?

This process is aimed to destroy the hair from underneath the skin and sheds it out completely. Therefore the pores in the skin close only leaving your skin looking smooth and silky. This procedure is mostly suitable for the woman who has darker leg hair which is still visible even after shaving. Laser hair removal should be done by medical doctors who are professionally trained making it a safe procedure.


This is another permanent hair removal which works by destroying the root of each hair at the follicle with and the use of an electric current. The best thing about electrolysis is that it can work for all types of skins which is different from other methods such as the laser.

The use of electrolysis is very slow since its works on one strand of hair at a time, therefore, making it take much time to complete a session

How to Shave your Legs and Thighs after Hip Replacement Surgery

There are different methods one can apply to shave legs and thighs after hip replacement depending on how extreme the operation was.

One method to use creams such as veet which is pretty much easy to use.

  • You simply apply it to the skin and wait for about 5-10 minutes
  • Rinse out with cold water although

Most of the methods used to remove hair on the legs may be a challenge to people who are not able to bend.

Ask someone to help you with hair removal especially after surgery

How to Shave your Legs during Pregnancy.

It may be difficult it may be to bend while a woman is pregnant and. Some women may opt to ignore shaving their legs completely. Well here are a few tips to consider when you are pregnant.

It is not a must to shave during the winter season; you can opt to wear long pants or maybe you can find a mini-shave maybe from the mid-calf downwards also you can shave from the ankle as it shows when you are wearing pants.

Get something to shave with like a shaving lotion or cream which cannot sprint when poured on your legs. It is also advisable for one to seat a comfortable surface to ensure clear sight of the area to be shaved and also balance.

Use a towel under your rear which you can use for padding and for non-slip efforts which are also very comfortable. Lather your leg and also make sure you have a small bowl to pour water onto legs when rinsing.

Start from the bottom and work first on the calf of one leg. Once you are done rinse and move to the calf of the next calf.

Rinse your thighs dry with a towel and moisturize with lotion.


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