How to Bleach Upper Lip Hair Naturally at Home, Fast

Dark Upper Lip Hair
Dark Upper Lip Hair

Are you looking for how to bleach upper lip hair without chemicals or using special dyes at home? Should you wax or bleach upper lip hair. There are many methods of removing or making upper lip hair less noticeable. Bleaching is one of them. It is not exactly a method of hair removal – it simply reduces the appearance of upper lip hair. Below, learn how to bleach upper lip hair at home with before and after pictures to show you how effective this method of upper lip hair removal is.

Should I Wax or Bleach Upper Lip Hair?

Waxing is considered a fast and effective way of getting rid of upper lip hair. It is however a bit aggressive and if done too regularly, it can make the skin above the lips to become dark with time. Waxing is also known to be quite painful and one some occasions one can get flushing of the face and skin irritation. At the same time, bleaching upper lip hair is safe and not as fast. This method however, if not done properly, hair can become too light making it appear too artificial and even more noticeable.

Dark Upper Lip Hair
Dark Upper Lip Hair

Both of these methods are effective, it actually depends on what you want and the type of your skin. If you can stand the pain, waxing will help you get rid of that hair and you will not have to worry about it in 4-6 weeks. Bleaching on the other hand requires your patience and reapplication for significant results.

Bleaching Upper Lip Hair at Home

While upper lip hair removal methods such as threading and waxing are good for those with darker, coarse skin, bleaching works well for women with light fine hairs. Provided the appropriate facial bleach is used, this method can also be used to remove upper lip hair by women with sensitive skin. It is painless and gentle. Bleaching upper lip hair at home is an affordable and quick method to make get rid of that annoying moustache.

The best bleach for upper lip hair is sold in facial hair bleaching kits in drugstores, beauty stores and pharmacies. In the kit, you will find a container of bleach cream and another containing an activator. You will also find mixing trays and a spatula to help mix up ingredients while reducing the mess.  While bleaching to remove upper lip hair is quick and affordable, you have to keep in mind that this method is temporary and does not actually remove hair.

Here is how to bleach upper lip hair at home

How to Bleach Upper Lip Hair
How to Bleach Upper Lip Hair
  1. Choose bleach- cream bleach is the best. Choose bleach that is specially made for facial hair and id possible one that suits your skin type
  2. Mix the bleach and activator as directed- use separate spatulas for the bleach and activator
  3. Do a patch test on the inner part of your arm 24 hours before bleaching your upper lip to rule out unwanted skin reactions
  4. Wash and pat dry your face to remove make-up
  5. Gently apply the mixture on the areas above your lip making sure all the hairs are covered. Do not rub it in. Avoid the lip and the nostrils as they are super sensitive
  6. Wait for the sometime usually not more than 10 minutes
  7. Wipe off a small part using a Q-tip to see whether it worked- if not, wait a little longer
  8. If it worked, wipe of the rest of cream away from the nostrils using a cotton pad
  9. Rinse thoroughly with cool water to remove residue. Note that using hot water will open up skin pores and increase sensitivity. It is for the same reason that you should not bleach after taking a hot shower.
  10. Clean up and throw away any unused mixture

Note that, leaving cream on for more than the recommended time may cause burning, skin irritation of lightening of the skin just above the lip.

Some of the most commonly used facial hair bleaches that can be used to lighten upper lip hair include:

  • Jolen Crème bleach
  • Sally Hansen Crème Hair Bleach

Bleaching upper lip hair is safe and can be easily done at home without any adverse effects. Below are various methods you can use to bleach upper lip hair naturally.

How to Bleach Upper Lip Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide Overnight, Fast

What is the best way to get rid of upper lip hair without making the skin below darker? Aggressive methods of hair removal can make the skin above the lips to become darker with time. Small hair that grow above the lips may be too small or fine making it hard to shave or wax.

One can however make it less noticeable by bleaching it using inexpensive methods such as hydrogen peroxide. When you want upper lip hair lightening results overnight, this is your best bet. Hydrogen peroxide is a common hair lightening agent. It is considered safe and effective giving quick results overnight. Hydrogen peroxide is cheaply sold in pharmacies and can be used in different ways to make bleach for upper lip hair. Here is how to bleach upper lip hair with hydrogen peroxide at home:

  1. Mix 3% hydrogen peroxide with some water
  2. Apply the mixture to the area above the lips
  3. Let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing off
  4. Repeat this method often to lighten upper lip hair as needed

You may notice the skin above the lips becoming lighter as well. This effect will usually fade within 24 hours or as soon as you step out in the sun. Stop application if irritation occurs.

Other Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Lighten Upper Lip Hair

Other people may not find applying hydrogen peroxide on their skin as comfortable. It is for this reason that there are different formulations and mixtures that can be used as upper lip hair bleach.

  1. Mix hydrogen peroxide with 10 drops of ammonia. Apply the mixture on upper lip hair and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse off and repeat the procedure as needed to keep the hair lightened.
  2. Mix hydrogen peroxide with liquid soap and a couple drops of ammonia and Vaseline. Apply the mixture and allow it to dry. Wash off with warm water
  3. Alternatively, you can mix hydrogen peroxide with 5 drops of ammonia and flour. Apply the mixture and leave it for 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure daily or as needed to keep the hair lightened.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Lighten Upper Lip Hair Permanently?

Hydrogen peroxide has to be used regularly to keep upper lip hair lightened. Note that using hydrogen peroxide regularly will not only bleach upper lip hair, it will also thin out hair making it less noticeable and will finally fall off. However, hydrogen peroxide can dry out skin if used in excess. It is for this reason that you should not use it for more than once in a day.

How to Lighten Upper Lip Hair with Lemon Juice

Considered as the best moustache bleach, lemon juice is a safe natural bleaching agent that can be used to lighten upper lip hair without sun. Lime juice has the same hair lightening effect.

  1. Using a Q-tip, apply lemon juice on the hairs and leave it for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Then rinse off with warm water

This method may not be as fast and effective for those with black coarse hair. Repeat as required to get desired results.

Lemon Juice and Honey to Bleach Upper Lip Hair

If using lemon juice irritates your skin, adding honey to it will help reduce the irritation. There will no irritation and redness. The citric acid in the lemon juice will bleach the hairs while honey softens and moistens countering the drying effect of lemon on the skin. Mix freshly squeezed lemon with honey to make a paste. Apply it on the upper lip hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Repeat this daily for a week for significant results.

To remove the shadowy appearance on the lips, mix lemon juice and olive oil and add in some honey. Apply it on the skin and gently massage for 5 minutes. Leave it for 10 minutes then rinse off.

Lemon Juice to Bleach Upper Lip Hair
Lemon Juice to Bleach Upper Lip Hair

It is important to note that, bleaching upper lip hair may not give very significant results in one go. Be patient and use these remedies on a regular basis to get the best results.

How to Bleach Upper Lip Hair Naturally

Are there home remedies for bleaching upper lip hair? Upper lip hair is a common problem especially for women who have dark skin tones. While bleaching upper lip hair naturally may sound easy and not tasking, most people are skeptical about facial hair removal for the fear of having it grow back thicker and longer. Before you hold up that razor or wax to remove hair above the lip, you should check this out. You can now bleach your lip shadow using simple natural ingredients that are cheap and safe for the sensitive facial skin.

But before that, let us go over some facts

  • If you have dark skin tone, it is important for you to have in mind that bleaching the area above your lips may not be appropriate since this may result in that area becoming lighter. Choose other upper lip hair removal methods such as threading and waving.
  • For those with thick coarse upper lip hair, bleaching may not be as effective for you. Consult a professional on the best methods of upper lip hair removal in this situation. Note that if the hair above the lips began growing suddenly and intensely, it may be a sign of an underlying disorder. Talk to your doctor before deciding on the method of facial hair removal.
  • Some people naturally have thin, soft and almost invisible hair above the lips. Unless it really drains your self-esteem, there is no need to take facial hair removal measurers.

Did you know that even if your hair is fine and practically not visible, dark skin under your lips can give you a shadowy appearance? While this may be mistaken for dark upper lip hair, it is not. But there are things you can do to lighten the skin on the upper lip effectively.

  • Take a break from upper lip hair removal. Dark skin above the lips can be caused by aggressive methods of hair removal such as shaving and waxing. You can choose bleaching or threading
  • Exfoliation will help you gently remove the upper layers of dark skin leaving you the lighter and brighter skin underneath
  • Use vitamin A to lighten skin caused by excess melanin
  • Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays
  • Use homemade skin lightening face masks
  • Home remedies such as honey and lime and almond oil can help you to lighten dark skin above the lips

Bleaching Top Lip Hair Side Effects

Bleaching upper lip hair is the easiest and fastest way of hair removal. It is an inexpensive and less painful method of hair removal as compared to waxing and threading. Depending on the bleaching agent used- whether natural or commercial, facial hair bleaching is generally considered safe. However, potential side effects exist. It is recommended that you read instructions carefully to prevent unwanted effects. Here are some of the side effects that can be experienced

  • Skin irritation and allergies.
  • Watery eyes
  • Over discoloration which may be an unwanted effect for people with dark or tanned skin
  • Temporary skin lightening

Bleached Upper Lip Hair Before and After Photos

Bleaching upper lip hair helps to get rid of that manly moustache leaving you with soft smooth skin. You will notice that once you make upper lip hair less noticeable, there will be a huge difference on your general facial appearance. Here are bleached upper lip hair before and after


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